Inadequate infrastructure

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Other Names:
Inadequate basic services
Weakness of public works
Unavailable public facilities

In some countries basic infrastructure is lacking. Elsewhere, the infrastructure is inadequate because of age, state of disrepair, or incompetant management.


[Developing countries] Developing countries frequently lack adequate physical and social infrastructure of all kinds and their substantial improvement is essential for rapid economic development. In these countries, except in a few cities and towns, most areas are not served by modern transport and communications, and electric power is non-existent. Water supplies for domestic, agricultural and industrial use is limited. Sanitation facilities are non-existent for most people. Health and medical services are lacking. The educational infrastructure in developing countries is weakest in the sciences and technologies, resulting in a lack of technological expertise to bring to bear on agricultural and other key areas of production.



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C: Cross-sectoral problems
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