human value


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Related Problems:
Unethical practices of landlords
Distortionary tax systems
Unethical practices in the legal system
Unfair trading
Unfair contests
Biased regulators
Unjust dismissal of workers
Unfair elections
Unethical practices of regulatory inspectors
Unfair competition
Unethical sporting practices
Unethical practices of health services
Discriminatory wage scales
Restrictive trade practices
Violation of trade union rights
Unethical real estate practice
Differential labour costs among countries
Restrictive shipping practices
Unfair transport practices
Unethical practice in historical disciplines
Discrimination in employment
Unfairly negotiated treaties
Unethical practices in communication
Discrimination against youth
Unethical insurance practices
Unfair air transport practices
Underpayment for work
Unethical pharmaceutical practices
Irresponsible experts
Unfair surcharges in ocean freight
Discrimination against women executives
Unfair social security entitlements
Unethical practices by police forces
Unethical practices in agriculture
Unjust allocation of government contracts
Private ownership
Unfair trade practices in the service sector
Unfair social representation in military forces
Unethical practices in the apparel industry
Unnatural selection
Unfair shipping practices in bulk trades
Overcharging by doctors
Unfair trials due to pre-trial publicity
Unfair taxation for women
Unfair rail transport practices
Unfair restrictions on membership in international organizations
Unfair pricing by transnational corporations
Inadequate conditions of work in the textile industry
Unjustly persecuted scientists
Denial of right to fair and public trial
Unfair assessment of workers
Guaranteeing minimum wage
Enabling fair elections
Networking fair trade import companies
Allocating aid more fairly
Ensuring right to a fair trial
Providing fair and secure trading system
Compensating workers for unfair dismissal
Combatting unfair trade
Developing fair system of government
Enabling competitive wage initiatives
Paying fair prices
Defining fair trade
Subsuming fair standards in favour of social justice
Maintaining record of past encounter
Paying reasonable taxes
Implementing land reform
Making equitable agreements
Abolishing unethical practices by police forces
Providing fair rents
Providing fair courts
Providing fair contests
Providing fair dismissal
Providing fair regulation
Providing fair play in sport
Providing fair health policy
Providing fair salary scales
Providing fair trade practices
Providing fair labour practices
Providing fair property dealings
Providing fair shipping practices
Providing fair transport practices
Providing fair employment practices
Providing fair modes of communication
Providing fair treatment to the young
Providing fair underwriting practices
Providing fair air transport practices
Providing fair pharmaceutical practices
Providing fair consultant investigations
Providing fair surcharges in ocean freight
Providing fair promotion of women
Providing fair trade practices in the service sector
Providing fair employment conditions in garment factories
Denying right to fair and public trial
Engaging in unfair trade
Abstaining from fair competition judges
Ensuring fair competition
Promoting fair play
Encouraging fair trade by weighing instruments
Promoting fair trade
Sharing water
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values