Violation of trade union rights

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Other Names:
Violation of right of workers to freedom of association
Denial of right to trade union activity
Abuse of trade union rights
Unfair labour practices

Unfair labour practices include: infringing upon a worker's right to organize, bargain collectively, and engage in concerted actions; dismissing, transferring, demoting or treating in other adverse ways a worker in retaliation for the organizations of a union, membership in a labour organization, collective bargaining, strikes, or other legitimate union activity; requiring a worker sign, as a condition of employment, a promise to withdraw from or not to join a union; refusing, as an employer, without sufficient cause, to bargain collectively; controlling of or interfering in the formation or administration of a union, including the provision of financial assistance to the union; and dismissing or treating in other adverse ways a worker for requesting relief from unfair labour practices through a labour relations commission or for testifying before such a commission.

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