human value


Increasing cooperation on environmentally sound technology
Researching international technology cooperation
Promoting cooperation amongst geographers
Studying regional international relationships
Strengthening international cooperation to combat poverty
Strengthening cooperation in the social sciences
Clarifying alternative development systems
Strengthening research cooperation and exchange of information on demographic change
Strengthening scientific cooperation on conserving biological resources
Strengthening technical cooperation on integrated environmental accounting
Improving urban institutional arrangements and cooperation
Strengthening intersectoral cooperation on health programmes
Forming technology development partnerships
Expanding international research cooperation on freshwater resources
Strengthening cooperation on coastal zone management with developing countries
Improving cooperation among the scientific community, government and public on the environment
Developing inter-university cooperation
Developing inter-university cooperation
Supporting cooperation on disaster mitigation among experts
Increasing international cooperation on research on biotechnology
Using functional cooperation
Improving international cooperation on the transfer of biotechnology
Increasing international cooperation on the conservation of cetaceans
Gathering international statistics
Strengthening international cooperation on fragile ecosystems
Convening regional meetings on international cooperation in bio-safety
Integrating women into technical cooperation
Integrating women into technical cooperation
Expanding research in cooperation with indigenous people
Promoting South-South cooperation
Improving worker cooperation with multinational enterprises
Strengthening cooperation among scientists, extension workers and users
Cooperating between agencies
Strengthening regional cooperation on transboundary air pollution control
Fostering economic cooperation among developing countries
Strengthening international cooperation on enclosed and semi-enclosed seas
Strengthening intersectoral cooperation to control communicable diseases
Using civil-military cooperation
Using civil-military cooperation
Improving international cooperation on environmental infrastructure
Strengthening sustainable development through trade cooperation
Strengthening intergovernmental cooperation with nongovernmental organizations
Strengthening technical cooperation on human resources development
Improving cooperation to prevent illegal transboundary movements of dangerous products
Cooperating through state trading organizations
Strengthening cooperation in basic and engineering sciences
Strengthening cooperation of employers organizations with transnational corporations
Strengthening role of geosciences in development
Expanding regional cooperation on point source marine pollution from new installations
Improving cooperation on concepts and methods for internalizing environmental costs
Ensuring cooperation between United Nations and multilateral financial organizations in follow up to UNCED
Providing extension services to support local environmental management
Strengthening cooperation on monitoring effects of hazardous waste management
Cooperating with nature
Increasing cooperation of riparian countries for assessing transboundary water resources
Increasing government / industry cooperation on waste minimization
Improving organizational cooperation at the regional level in the follow up to Agenda 21
Increasing cooperation within and among water management agencies
Improving inter-agency regional cooperation to halt environmental degradation
Expanding industry consultation with the public
Promoting cooperation on transboundary sustainable development issues
Increasing cooperation among agencies in the water sector
Offering adequate cooperation
Promoting regional and sub-regional cooperation on environmental protection
Promoting international cooperation on the environment
Expanding technical cooperation among developing countries on water and sanitation
Increasing international cooperation centres on hazardous waste management
Strengthening cooperation among international organizations
Expanding tripartite cooperation to improve safety, health and environment
Promoting grassroots cooperation against crime
Providing technical advice for institutional cooperation in local communities
Promoting international cooperation in human rights
Encouraging transatlantic dialogue
Networking zoos
Networking zoos
Developing machine reading
Promoting international cultural cooperation
Improving cooperation among environmental research programmes
Strengthening coordination and cooperation among research programmes on global change
Promoting intersectoral cooperation on environmental health
Promoting intersectoral cooperation on climate change
Expanding regional cooperation on concerns and participation of indigenous peoples
Increasing industrial cooperation to control transboundary water pollution
Building bridges of cooperation
Building bridges of cooperation
Increasing cooperation among enterprises on cleaner production technology
Promoting intersectoral research cooperation on climate change
Strengthening mechanisms for international cooperation on Agenda 21
Improving cooperation on sustainable development programmes for and by children
Improving cooperation with industry on sustainable development strategies and programmes
Strengthening joint activities of international organizations in technical cooperation for sustainability
Improving regional clearing-houses for scientific cooperation on the environment
Improving cooperation among agencies collecting hydrological data
Increasing international economic cooperation
Forming unified resident cooperation
Promoting international monetary stability
Strengthening technical cooperation
Strengthening cooperation between developing countries
Ensuring inter-community cooperation
Planning joint business ventures
Organizing citizen and police cooperation
Organizing citizen and police cooperation
Increasing international assessment of chemical risks
Increasing international cooperation on chemical management
Increasing international protection of marine environment
Constraining openness in political relations
Stimulating need for cooperation
Supporting expanded commercial cooperation
Fostering external support relations
Enabling farmer cooperation
Enabling trading cooperation
Motivating cooperation
Indicating need for political alliances
Establishing global monetary system
Labour cooperation
Cooperating internationally
Cooperating internationally
Concentrating on technical cooperation on problems
Exposing covert cooperation among secret services
Using covert intelligence agency operations
Using fear to promote effective cooperation
Strengthening marine research capacity
Preserving gene resources
Improving global cooperation to solve world problems
Improving global cooperation to solve world problems
Improving international cooperation in reducing terrorism
Improving inter-village cooperation
Providing sufficient village cooperation
Providing sufficient village cooperation
Abstaining from agreement on cooperation
Providing sufficient trans-frontier cooperation
Providing sufficient trans-frontier cooperation
Providing sufficient cooperation with officialdom
Providing sufficient cooperation with officialdom
Providing sufficient cooperation by riparian states
Abstaining from cooperation by riparian states
Providing sufficient comparative international statistics
Limiting tripartite cooperation
Increasing tripartite cooperation
Promoting cooperation on housing projects
Promoting closer inter parliamentary cooperation
Strengthening medical cooperation
Promoting educational cooperation
Promoting educational cooperation
Promoting cooperation among institutes of higher education
Promoting fishery cooperation
Consolidating cooperation
Promoting cooperation amongst broadcasters
Developing closer cooperation
Extending industrial cooperation
Promoting international cooperation among scientists
Facilitating cooperation
Supporting multinational cooperation
Encouraging business cooperation
Promoting research cooperation
Reinforcing financial cooperation
Promoting economic cooperation
Internalizing financing cooperation
Supporting cooperation on leprosy
Researching scientific cooperation
Enabling interregional cooperation
Regionalizing economic cooperation
Regionalizing economic cooperation
Developing friendly sporting relations
Stimulating inter regional cooperation
Enabling closer monetary cooperation
Increasing cooperation
Encouraging international intellectual cooperation
Facilitating international maritime traffic
Facilitating closer cooperation
Directing cooperation
Furthering islamic unity
Fostering international cooperation in civil aviation
Strengthening police cooperation on drugs
Furthering economic cooperation
Fostering police cooperation
Accelerating cooperation
Stimulating fraternal cooperation
Achieving industrial cooperation
Promoting international cooperation in banking
Fostering integration of statistics
Fostering intellectual cooperation
Fostering intellectual cooperation
Strengthening economic cooperation
Promoting international scientific cooperation
Developing international fiscal cooperation
Regionalizing cultural cooperation
Promoting monetary cooperation
Regionalizing energy cooperation
Promoting cooperation among religions
Globalizing cooperation
Regionalizing scientific cooperation
Maintaining close cooperation
Regionalizing cooperation
Promoting commercial cooperation
Promoting commercial cooperation
Guaranteeing cooperation
Securing cooperation
Coordinating cooperation
Encouraging cultural cooperation
Publicizing cooperation
Promoting cooperation though education
Promoting contacts among interface scientists
Promoting scientific cooperation
Effecting cooperation
Intensifying cooperation
Disseminating corrosion information
Regionalizing cooperation opportunities
Furthering postal cooperation
Promoting monetary cooperation
Furthering cooperation
Networking cities
Regionalizing multilateral cooperation
Promoting cooperation within science
Establishing subregional cooperation
Developing multilateral cooperation
Cooperating in research
Studying cooperation
Promoting gas industry cooperation
Enhancing cooperation
Assisting international adoption organizations
Fostering international tourism cooperation
Strengthening linguistic cooperation
Promoting business cooperation
Establishing closer cooperation
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values