human value


Other Names:
Developing policy on climate change
Greening the GATT
Changing wage structures
Concluding new international agreements to achieve global sustainability
Negotiating skeleton agreement for employment
Sharing international water resources
Using centrally binding wage agreements
Ratifying international human rights instruments
Assessing effectiveness of international agreements and instruments on sustainable development
Monitoring implementation of international environmental agreements
Including interests of indigenous people in international agreements
Encouraging developing country participation in multilateral agreements
Strengthening international environmental agreements
Assessing regional agreements on marine pollution from land-based sources
Seeking agreement
Developing conventions on transboundary movement of hazardous waste
Developing international agreements on nuclear safety
Reinterpreting agreement
Implementing environmental legal agreements
Supporting developing country efforts to implement international agreements and instruments on sustainable development
Ensuring compatibility of agreements on hazardous waste
Complying with international guidelines in hazardous waste agreements
Negotiating international agreements for conservation of fish stocks
Abstaining from agreement
Creating compliance regimes for multilateral environmental agreements
Making economic agreements for biodiversity conservation
Evaluating effects of world trade agreements on biodiversity conservation
Developing government/industry voluntary agreements to control transboundary air pollution
Creating cross-border regional economic agreements for biodiversity conservation
Ensuring compatibility between multilateral environmental agreements and World Trade Organization rules
Ratifying international agreements on women's rights and participation
Implementing code of practice on transboundary movements of radioactive waste
Regulating world trade
Disputing international commodity agreements
Publicizing international agreements
Introducing external training agreements
Publicizing international trade agreements
Making treaties
Ratifying trade agreements
Applying legal precedent
Demanding obedience to social consensus
Providing possibility for agreement formulation
Indicating need for political alliances
Empowering formal agreements
Codifying unifying agreements
Intensifying community agreement
Enabling judicial consensus on human rights
Making equitable agreements
Broadening monetary agreements
Making secret international agreements
Making secret government agency agreements
Exposing secret international agreements
Exposing secret government agency agreements
Subverting international agreements
Breaching international treaties
Breaching international treaties
Circumventing international trading agreements
Defaulting on commitments
Defaulting on time payment agreements
Seeking agreement within alliances
Reconciling disagreement concerning religious doctrine
Distorting international trade by discriminatory preference agreements
Improving wording of agreements
Increasing effectiveness of systems for achieving grassroots agreement
Increasing maritime agreements
Abstaining from agreement on cooperation
Abstaining from agreement on human rights
Abstaining from agreement on human rights
Publishing list of conservation agreements
Studying agreements
Formalizing cease fire agreement
Countering trade agreements
Developing effective pesticide policies
Signing economic agreements
Drafting western palaearctic waterfowl agreement
Funding agreements
Negotiating cooperation agreements
Revealing disagreement
Implementing agreements
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values