Intensifying community agreement

Forging a single-minded community around the diversity of existing groups. The effect is to ground individuals in the community and the community in the world.
An integral part of expressing universal images, to build an authentic new image of humanness involving elders' wisdom, adults' power and youths' vision.
Tactics include: to stimulate family commitment to of involvement through art forms; to celebrate the unique perspective of each of life's phases through creation of art forms in order that a common pool of wisdom is available; purposeful celebrations to enable all people to participate in the rehearsal of all men's corporate story by holding up symbols of the common past and of man's interrelatedness; grassroots involvement to expand the local man's abilities and potential in order to increase his capacity to participate in the community; and public assemblies to ritualize the communality of a self-conscious body of people through visual and verbal symbols. An example is individuals in a community maintaining historic sites which ground the community in its own history and give basis for its distinctiveness in surrounding communities.
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D: Detailed strategies
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