Developing policy

Undertaking policy-making
Making policies
Developing policies
Describing a definite course or method of action selected from among alternatives and in the light of given conditions to guide and usually determine present and future decisions. The policy process is the formulation, promulgation, and application of identifications, demands, and expectations concerning the future interpersonal relations of the self. Projected action may be either social or private; it may concern either the actor alone or his relations with other persons. A course of action in relation to others may be termed the policy of the actor.

In a narrower sense, a policy is statement of procedure or principle by which an organization (such as a government or company) intends to realize its objectives. It insures proper direction toward definite objectives of an organization in the light of internal factors and organizational functions. Policy may be flexible, such as for the purpose of regulating a system over time in such a way as to optimize the realization of many conflicting relations without wrecking the system.

Reviewing policy
Reforming policy
Promoting the family
Encouraging parenthood
Developing computer law
Funding policy decisions
Developing victim policy
Developing housing policy
Coordinating policy-making
Developing taxation policy
Studying children's rights
Developing transport policy
Developing foreign policies
Developing government policy
Developing industrial policy
Developing policy structures
Developing purchasing policy
Developing migration policies
Developing health care policy
Developing effective policies
Developing consensual policies
Formulating policy on sciences
Reforming domestic trade policy
Developing rental housing policy
Developing webcasting
Developing coherent family policy
Strengthening regional cooperation
Developing low cost housing policy
Developing relevant youth policies
Promoting study of social sciences
Developing policy on climate change
Developing national tourism policies
Developing work place smoking policies
Developing sustainable land use policy
Developing effective pesticide policies
Developing effective new social policies
Developing cautious environmental policy
Promoting coordinated telecommunications
Developing sustainable population policy
Developing policy for resource management
Developing policy for resource management
Adapting health policy for climate change
Developing relative-risk evaluation methods
Developing health policy for climate change
Developing appropriate educational policies
Developing relevant policies for the elderly
Providing sustainable water resource planning
Developing environmentally sound alternatives
Developing sustainable coastal fishing policy
Developing effective health training policies
Developing international environmental policy
Developing policy for conservation of forests
Developing common policy on regional aggression
Developing communication and information policy
Improving social planning for human settlements
Developing projects concerning industrial policy
Developing national environmental policy studies
Creating environmentally sound trading practices
Ensuring sustainable development of coastal zones
Developing national strategies for sustainability
Developing policy for conservation of biodiversity
Developing international sustainable energy policy
Continuing development of collective decision making
Developing regional health policy for climate change
Developing sufficiency policies on mineral resources
Developing sustainable policy for public procurement
Instituting integrated management of water catchments
Integrating transport, environment and health policies
Restructuring economic policies in developing countries
Developing trade union policies on sustainable development
Developing policy action plans for biodiversity conservation
Developing national wetland biodiversity conservation policies
Integrating employment, development and environmental concerns
Developing national policy to control transboundary air pollution
Developing policy strategies to expand export supply capabilities
Developing preventive policies for health impacts of climate change
Developing policy conducive to rural telecommunications development
Developing national policies to change unsustainable consumption patterns
Building demographic factors into national policies for sustainable development
Developing a stronger scientific basis for improving sustainable development policies
Coordinating national economic policy in the light of interests of developing countries
Formulating cultural policies
Adopting policies
Type Classification:
C: Cross-sectoral strategies
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