human value


Greening development aid
Assessing development assistance
Restructuring foreign aid
Improving effectiveness of aid for health
Expanding trading opportunities for developing countries
Allocating aid more fairly
Redirecting donor aid
Providing foreign aid in support of social services for the poor
Mobilizing external resources for poverty alleviation
Improving data on aid flows
Coordinating health development aid
Swapping debt for development aid
Improving quality of aid
Providing foreign aid in support of impoverished vulnerable groups
Providing international health care assistance
Focusing aid on development objectives
Reforming foreign aid policy
Providing migration aid
Providing humanitarian aid to women and children
Transferring recycling technology in development aid programmes
Providing parliamentary aid to new and developing nations
Coordinating disaster relief assistance
Integrating sustainable development goals into development aid strategies
Strengthening training for sustainability in development aid projects
Using overseas development aid to reduce international migration
Providing agricultural aid to developing countries
Improving preparedness capacity to aid displaced peoples
Adapting financial aid to needs of recipient countries
Providing food aid to military forces
Providing aid to natural disaster victims
Providing aid to man-made disaster victims
Exchanging best practices in development
Strengthening bilateral aid programmes in support of sustainable development
Monetizing food aid
Reducing duplication of aid efforts
Increasing overseas development aid
Providing environmental monitoring equipment in development aid programmes
Monitoring humanitarian aid
Identifying technological needs and priorities of developing countries for external aid
Increasing aid to developing countries
Providing multilateral financial assistance
Teaching basic first aid
Supplying modern technological aid
Structuring reciprocal aid relations
Training emergency aid administrators
Delivering general legal aid
Facilitating regional agency aid
Soliciting government financial aid
Providing medical relief for large-scale emergencies
Providing financial aid to students
Providing immediate home aid
Seeking necessary financial assistance
Providing legal assistance for foreigners
Providing food aid
Financing systems
Profiting from provision of financial aid
Reducing administrative overhead costs for aid
Providing intergovernmental aid negotiations
Resisting charitable giving
Restricting efficacity of aid
Reducing costs of legal aid
Reducing shortfall in aid to international organizations
Reducing intensity of competition for aid funding
Reducing amount of wasted foreign aid
Reducing amount of wastage of development aid
Corrupting foreign aid
Restricting multilateral development aid
Denying right to legal aid
Depending on food aid
Providing aid
Distorting foreign aid
Diverting food aid
Using foreign aid
Seeking foreign aid
Providing foreign aid
Providing illegal state aid
Providing state aid
Restricting foreign aid
Improving administration of aid
Improving effectiveness of foreign aid
Requiring administration of aid
Providing military security
Providing sufficient legal aid facilities
Abstaining from legal aid facilities
Coordinating development aid programmes
Abstaining from coordination among aid donors
Limiting country capacity to absorb foreign aid
Increasing country capacity to absorb foreign aid
Restricting food aid
Managing foreign aid
Correcting corruption and mismanagement of foreign aid
Affirming positive environmental effects of foreign aid
Neutralizing negative environmental effects of foreign aid
Coordinating aid
Granting financial aid
Promoting aid restructuring
Organizing aid to national olympic committees
Improving food aid policies and programmes
Encouraging more effective aid utilization
Procuring aid
Externalizing aid
Promoting mutual aid
Securing sufficient food aid
Mobilizing aid
Providing volunteer assistance for prisoners
Effecting aid utilization
Promoting aid
Assisting emergency aid camps
Transporting food aid
Managing food aid projects
Implementing diaconal aid
Distributing any aid
Producing alternative aid
Increasing aid
Analysing aid statistics
Monitoring aid
Allocating external aid
Transporting aid
Establishing legal aid societies
Providing humanitarian aid to refugees
Denying military aid
Delivering first aid
Helping monitor food aid supply
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values