Providing aid to natural disaster victims

In 1993, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies' aid to victims of floods and/or landslides included: relief items towards 20,000 people in Ecuador; distribution of food baskets to 2,899 families, and kitchen equipment to 1,200 families in Nicaragua and Honduras; chemicals and disinfectants to 210,000 people, drugs for 433,000 people, clothes for 90,000 people, and bedding for 80,000 people (China). In the same year, National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies contributions towards victims of floods and/or landslides included: supplying over 29,000 families with relief supplies (Nepal); providing emergency assistance to vulnerable groups of the 19 million people affected by exceptionally heavy monsoon rains (India); tents, blankets, stoves, and food for more than 100,000 families (Iran); shelter, food, and cooking utensils for 16,000 people, and longer term assistance with medical supplies and provisions of clean water for 50,000 people (Yemen). In 1993, National Societies also provided aid to people affected by tropical storms, cyclones or typhoons, including: assistance to one million people and support for over 200 centres sheltering 10,000 people across the country (Philippines); supplying 57,000 people with emergency relief, clothing and household articles (Fiji); food, plastic sheeting, bedding, blankets, clothing, hygiene and household items (Cuba). In the same year, the Federation supported National Societies to distribute food and other assistance to over 1.4 million beneficiaries in Southern Africa. In October 1993, the Indian Red Cross Society provided food, water, shelter, medical relief, psychological support to the victims of a major Earthquake.
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C: Cross-sectoral strategies
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