human value


Other Names:
Managing crises
Creating disaster fund
Disseminating international guidelines on post-disaster reconstruction
Assessing costs to strengthen settlements planning in disaster-prone areas
Teaching disaster resistant construction methods
Remediating ecological damage caused by industrial activity
Preparing contingency plans for marine disasters
Supporting cooperation on disaster mitigation among experts
Developing early warning systems for human rights violations
Preparing contingency reconstruction plans
Using military/civil defence assets in disaster relief
Organizing disaster exercises
Reducing impact of natural disasters
Providing public information on disaster resistant building materials
Assessing experience on post-disaster reconstruction
Facilitating emergency preservation of cultural heritage
Educating about disaster medicine
Coordinating disaster relief assistance
Evacuating expatriates in disaster or conflict situations
Providing aid to natural disaster victims
Providing aid to man-made disaster victims
Researching disaster medicine
Using space assets for disaster mitigation
Developing disaster management strategies for biodiversity conservation
Preparing disaster contingency plans for settlements
Training for emergencies
Predicting natural disasters
Protecting from natural disasters
Providing medical relief for large-scale emergencies
Developing early warning disaster systems
Accepting disaster warnings
Suppressing information on disasters
Increasing accountability for disaster prevention
Controlling costs of disaster relief
Coping with unpredictable ecological disasters
Reporting disasters
Respecting rights of vulnerable groups during states of emergency
Protecting women and children in emergencies
Protecting against vulnerability of the elderly under states of emergency
Undertaking pre-disaster planning
Anticipating environmental crises
Providing protection for disabled during states of emergency
Averting mine disasters
Assisting disaster victims
Promoting disaster tourism
Recording landslip disasters
Avoiding man-made disasters
Reporting disastrous accidents
Averting industrial disasters
Averting biological disasters
Averting topological disaster
Predicting geomagnetic disasters
Predicting meteorological disasters
Ignoring disaster warnings
Studying telluric and tectonic disasters
Averting disasters of extraterrestrial origin
Protecting against cyber disasters
Preventing disasters
Protecting vulnerable groups during disasters
Insuring against natural disasters
Reporting mine disasters
Averting landslip disasters
Predicting man-made disasters
Analysing man-made disasters
Analysing topological disaster
Protecting against disasters
Providing inadequate insurance against damages arising from a natural disaster
Protecting against disastrous insect invasions
Abstaining from protection of the aged during disasters
Abstaining from protection of the handicapped during disasters
Abstaining from protection of vulnerable groups during disasters
Abstaining from protection of women and children during disasters
Encouraging disaster research
Caring for burns
Mitigating volcanic disasters
Combatting disasters
Assisting victims of disasters
Maintaining regional disaster information network
Preventing disasters involving animals
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values