human value


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Related Problems:
Unnatural performing arts
Unnatural boundaries between states
Unnatural urban environments inhibiting sleeping in public
Long-term shortage of natural and manufactured gas
Inadequate insurance against damages arising from a natural disaster
Natural gas production environmental hazards
Degradation of natural seascape
Destruction of wildlife habitats
Disturbance of reproductive cycles of wildlife
Denial to animals of the right to a natural death
Absentee owned natural resources
Degradation of flora and fauna habitats
Threatened artificial habitats
High cost of natural gas trade infrastructure
Unstable supply of raw materials
Health hazards of artificial birth control
Displacement of natural light in buildings
Unnatural selection
Natural toxins in food
Radio noise of natural origin
Limited access to natural resource use decisions
Threatened habitats on natural grazing lands
Extermination of wild animal natural prey
Fragmentation of natural habitat
Environmental vandalism
Insufficient use of natural resources
Destruction of natural barriers
Natural pollutants
Harmful natural foodstuffs
Conflicts arising from depletion of renewable resources
Denial of natural law by human laws
Environmental stress of natural systems
Shortage of natural resources
Disastrous failure of natural dams
Natural law thinking of marketers
Intrusive natural science research
Denial of rights of inanimate objects
Environmental colonialism
Neglect by research of natural resource product expansion
Natural disasters
Disruption of the hydrological cycle
Instability of trade in mineral tar and crude chemicals derived from coal, petroleum and natural gas
Natural environmental degradation from recreation and tourism
Unethical practice of hydrology
Denial of right to a people to freely dispose of natural wealth
Threatened natural habitats
Undervaluation of natural capital
Inaccessible natural resources
Vulnerability of protected natural areas
Instability of trade in natural abrasives
Hazards to human health in the natural environment
Natural electrocution
Inevitable destruction of humanity by the natural environment
Natural hazards to aircraft
Loss of natural heritage
Disturbance to wildlife patterns of movement
Meaningless conservation status
Inequitable access to natural resources
Natural human abortion
Resource depletion
Dysfunctional behaviour in captive animals
Destruction of wildlife habitat by fire
Relating to nature
Conserving wildlife habitat
Storing natural gas
Training protected natural area managers
Fostering breastfeeding
Conserving natural heritage
Investing in environmental conservation
Promoting natural childbirth
Obtaining legal status for natural populations
Capturing environmental value
Managing natural areas
Promoting natural family planning
Conducting research on natural resources policy
Creating wildlife corridors
Incorporating sustainable indigenous management systems for land resources
Preserving natural ecosystems
Stimulating renewable resources management
Teaching disaster resistant construction methods
Ensuring comprehensive system of protected areas
Building ecologically
Exploring for petroleum resources
Choosing natural fibres
Ensuring economical usage of natural resources by industry
Eating natural foods
Surveying natural resources of small islands
Using natural resource models
Reducing impact of natural disasters
Destabilizing natural environment
Assessing impact of atmospheric change on natural processes
Practicing corporate environmental self-assessment
Managing fragile ecosystems
Substituting natural resources for capital
Recognizing women's role as environmental managers
Farming organically
Recovering heat from natural ventilation systems
Developing natural pesticides
Providing aid to natural disaster victims
Using natural gas
Liquifying natural gas
Producing resins
Providing incentives for sustainable use of natural resources by farmers
Conserving habitats
Using natural resource accounting for biodiversity conservation
Developing natural gas resources
Preserving traditional rights to natural resources
Substituting technology for natural resources
Reviewing information on national parks
Providing economic incentives for conservation of natural resources
Developing disaster management strategies for biodiversity conservation
Educating in natural systems, ecosystems and resource management
Developing corporate natural resource accounting for biodiversity
Expanding monitoring networks on natural cycles
Improving international links among networks of natural and social scientists
Stimulating natural multi-national awareness
Saving natural rain resource
Supporting natural filtering process
Predicting natural disasters
Protecting from natural disasters
Stimulating exploitation of natural resources
Communicating natural psychologies
Expanding natural resource uses
Conserving natural resources
Protecting territory by maintaining natural barriers
Maximizing use of local natural resources
Utilizing indigenous building material
Planning development of natural resources
Underpinning search for natural resources
Developing methods of natural resource extraction
Limiting resource availability by disrupting natural systems
Developing new natural resources by sustaining existing reserves
Protecting global environment
Developing cohesive natural environment
Requiring natural resources for work
Discovering new sources of natural resources
Setting conditions on usefulness of natural resources
Refining mode of access to natural resources
Providing structure for exploitation of natural resources
Demanding innovation of natural resource use
Imposing priorities on natural resource use
Preserving natural resources
Specifying required material resources
Providing seasonal natural resources
Determining needs for resource development
Balancing depletion and replacement rates of natural resources
Assuring supply of natural resources
Discovering new possibilities for use of natural resources
Ensuring development of natural resources
Making possible new sources of materials
Refining capabilities for natural resource productivity
Improving natural resource use
Disseminating natural sciences
Encouraging community groupings
Extracting natural resources
Fostering natural social groups
Signifying natural mysteries
Producing environmental resource inventories
Researching natural resources
Accepting dharma
Giving attention to natural resource product expansion
Neglecting natural resources
Reporting negligent natural resource officers
Limiting animal migration
Providing opposition to use of natural energy sources
Undermining opposition to use of natural energy sources
Monitoring natural pollutants
Increasing amount of available natural resources
Relieving strain on world resources
Preventing transgression of natural thresholds
Studying natural thresholds
Undervaluing natural capital
Abolishing unethical practices in natural resource management
Condemning unnaturalness
Condemning unnatural acts
Condemning unnatural performing arts
Creating unnatural urban environments
Using unused natural resources
Protecting against vulnerability of protected natural areas
Using natural energy resources
Replacing renewable resources
Destroying natural barriers
Removing unnatural barriers to movement of natural populations
Designating conservation status
Managing natural resources
Reducing antenatal foetal death
Defacing natural monuments
Degrading natural seascape
Protecting the environment during warfare
Protecting natural seascape
Depleting natural habitats
Depleting natural resources
Consuming natural resources
Insuring against natural disasters
Connecting people to natural rhythms
Exploring alternative natural resource endowments
Displacing natural light in buildings
Increasing natural light in buildings
Controlling use of natural resources
Ensuring realistic assessment of the recuperative power of nature
Protecting against natural hazards to aircraft
Protecting against natural gas production environmental hazards
Protecting against hazards to human health in the natural environment
Extracting natural resources illegally
Improving legal rights of natural objects
Providing inadequate insurance against damages arising from a natural disaster
Listing protected natural areas
Revising inequitable natural resource policy
Strengthening domestic interests in natural resource policy
Reducing inequality of distribution of natural resources among countries
Undertaking natural science research
Protesting intrusive natural science research
Slowing down irreversible depletion of natural capital
Providing sufficient natural resources
Abstaining from natural resource accounting
Limiting access to natural resource use decisions
Increasing size of natural reserves
Promoting natural gas vehicles
Preventing natural hazards
Preserving natural environment
Improving natural resources
Studying natural history
Supplying natural rubber
Studying natural hibernation
Importing natural chemicals
Marketing natural rubber
Exchanging scientific knowledge
Developing mineral resources
Developing natural medicines
Supplying natural uranium
Conserving nature
Improving natural environment
Transporting natural resources
Destroying natural resources
Expanding natural rubber export
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values