Military aid

Other Names:
Military aid to repressive regimes

Military aid is aid which is used to assist a country or its people in its defense efforts, or to assist a poor country in maintaining control over its own territory. Many countries receive military aid to help with counter-insurgency efforts. Military aid can be given to a rebellion to help fight another country. This aid may be given in the form of money for foreign militaries to buy weapons and equipment from the donor country.

In the 21st century, increasing numbers of scholars are identifying how military assistance is an instrument of power projection for influence in the era of great power competition. Various strong states are avoiding direct conflict and are engaging in the low-risk mission of train, advise, and assist (TAA) and equipping a military/militia partner/ally to pursue certain objectives and national interests.


The USA have secretly funded Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge from the beginning of 1980s.

Military government
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