Improving food aid policies and programmes

Developed countries are increasingly aware of the importance of triangular operations (the purchase by donors of products from developing countries, for use as food aid to other countries if possible in the same region) and local purchases when providing food aid. This stimulates South-South trade and helps those countries with food emergencies to buy food for distribution even within their own territory if surpluses exist.

Key element of the proposition by EuronAid to improve the mobilization and effectiveness of food aid offered by the European Commission are enabling : (1) simple procedures for smaller purchases and the increased introduction of cash grants for small food items and other materials; (2) increased mandating to NGOs in order to speed up the approval process; and (3) facilities for purchases from small producers and traders, with due consideration to gender and environmental factors.

1. Food aid is the recognition of food insecurity; it is the sign that a food security policy has failed.

2. We need less charity and more justice in order to feed the hungry.

Diverting food aid
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