human value


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Related Problems:
Social fragmentation
Forest fragmentation
Cultural fragmentation
Uncoordinated use of community property
Political fragmentation
Uncoordinated policy-making
Fragmentationist ideology
Fragmentation of research
Unnatural boundaries between states
Territorial fragmentation
Fragmented decision-making
Fragmented community image
Disconnected community initiatives
Fragmentation of knowledge
Bureaucratic fragmentation
Unchallenging world vision
Fragmented ethical contexts
Institutional fragmentation
Overemphasis on self-sufficiency with respect to interdependence
Loss of internal political borders
Inadequate regional integration of countries
Shrinking community life
Fragmented social responsibility
Fragmentation of natural habitat
Static and unrelated social roles
Fragmentation of religious belief
Undeveloped irrigation system
Fragmentation of communist parties
Fragmented agricultural development
Fragmentation of organized students
International economic fragmentation
Fragmented planning of community life
Fragmented images of personal freedom
Lack of international policy on specific issues
International political disunity
Fragmentation of academic disciplines
Inadequate urban political machinery
Fragmentation of the human personality
Underdeveloped community leadership
Religious schism
Loss of cultural heritage
Fragmentation of technological development
Fragmentation of communities by automobiles
Unstructured local government in small communities
Inadequate dissemination of local information
Fragmentation of international documentation
Isolation of individual decision-making from context
Social fragmentation through political pluralism
Fragmentation of the international trading system
Decline of the extended family
Limited and fragmented outlook of civic minded groups
Fragmentation of social structures in depressed areas
Inadequate management skills in rural communities
Fragmented social structures for environmental protection
Fragmented social care at the neighbourhood level
Fragmented care of drug addicts
Fragmented business practices
Fragmentation of health service
Separation of family members
Increased family fragmentation
Fragmentation and complexity of the United Nations system
Fragmented schooling
Divisive international NGO postures on consultative relationships
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values