Divisive international NGO postures on consultative relationships

Other Names:
Divisive responses to international NGO actions
Fragmentation of the NGO community by consultative status

The major formal link between the main IGOs and INGOs is through the consultative status relationship. This is specific to each IGO, which encourages the formation of standing conferences and associated committees for those INGOs linked to it in this way, and discourages links between 'its' group of INGOs and the groups linked to other IGOs despite the fact that: (a) many INGOs are linked to more than one IGO; and (b) the matters discussed by one such INGO group and its committees may also be discussed by another (reflecting the overlap in IGO programme areas). The INGO community is thus fragmented by the divisive posture of IGOs with a consultative relationship, even though the majority of such bodies are Specialized Agencies of the UN system.

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GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal
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