Fragmentation of religious belief

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Other Names:
Disunity of religions
Lack of unity among religions
Religious disunity
Undifferentiated religious pluralism
Multiplicity of religions
Separateness of faiths
Mutual disparagement between religions

Division between religions and within a single religion results in intolerance, discrimination, prejudice, conflict, and sometimes war.


Severe divisions exist between many of the world's major religions and between sects and denominations within one religion. Religious war resulting from these divisions can be seen in Northern Ireland, the Middle East and India, for example.

The successes of an international Christian-Buddhist seminar in 1994 were significantly undermined by the subsequent publication of a book by the Pope expressing views of Buddhism vehemently contested as disparaging by many Buddhist monks and teachers. This triggered perceptions of Christians as intolerant, arrogant and exclusivist.

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