human value


Other Names:
Preparing regional conservation management plans
Researching legal aspects of biodiversity protection
Developing policy for conservation of forests
Monitoring conservation of coral reefs
Producing declaration on habitat preservation
Reviewing conservation issues
Conserving plant genetic resources
Conserving plant species
Developing rainforest action plan
Preparing species management plans
Preparing conservation plans
Investing in environmental conservation
Protecting wetland ecosystems
Conserving water
Conserving global biodiversity
Conserving species
Researching preservation of cultural property
Conserving tropical biological diversity
Campaigning for the protection of national monuments
Conserving nature communally
Managing natural areas
Agreeing code of environmental practice
Developing policy for conservation of biodiversity
Researching economics of conservation
Monitoring wetland biodiversity conservation
Providing information about forest resources
Managing tropical forest areas
Managing tourism for both recreation and conservation
Integrating research programmes on conservation
Preparing country biodiversity strategies
Using debt-for-nature swaps
Providing incentives to undertake conservation measures
Employing people in conservation programmes
Establishing international exchange networks on conservation technologies
Evaluating effectiveness of land resource conservation programmes
Improving data collection on conservation of marine living resources
Encouraging on-site conservation of biodiversity
Increasing trained personnel for conserving biological diversity
Integrating biodiversity conservation strategies
Improving national capacity to implement land conservation
Ensuring comprehensive system of protected areas
Improving institutions for conservation of plant genetic resources
Introducing locally adaptable conservation technologies
Supporting conservation of biological diversity on private lands
Using flagship species in conservation campaigns
Switching from price support to conservation support
Training on land conservation
Increasing international cooperation on the conservation of cetaceans
Maintaining databases on marine living resources
Expanding use of biotechnology for environmental conservation
Establishing marine conservation zones
Compiling information on indigenous land resource conservation
Adopting strategic frameworks to integrate environment and development goals
Expanding ex-situ conservation methods for genetic resources
Including resource needs, waste management and conservation in settlement policy
Providing training on conservation techniques
Identifying national priorities for conservation of biological diversity
Strengthening programmes for livestock conservation
Preparing action plans for the conservation of plant genetic resources
Strengthening national capacities for conservation of marine living resources
Adapting traditional practices for biodiversity conservation
Preparing national conservation strategies
Establishing water conservation reserves
Studying conservation of forest ecosystems
Offering environmental health studies for young people
Conserving wild animals through hunting
Negotiating international agreements for conservation of fish stocks
Preparing national plans for water resource protection and conservation
Integrating freshwater supply measures with conservation programmes
Using economic benefit transfer mechanisms for biodiversity conservation
Conserving Antarctica
Harmonizing data collection methods for conservation parks
Investing in heritage conservation
Using tradable permits schemes for biodiversity conservation
Establishing clearing houses for environmentally sound technology
Using cost benefit analysis tools for biodiversity impact assessment
Minimizing soil erosion
Promoting sustainable use of biodiversity
Reviewing laws for wetland biodiversity conservation
Using natural resource accounting for biodiversity conservation
Developing management strategies for biodiversity conservation
Providing international financial resources for global biodiversity conservation
Making economic agreements for biodiversity conservation
Financing emergency actions for biodiversity conservation
Designing for resource conservation
Integrating national energy efficiency policy
Reviewing information on national parks
Evaluating effects of world trade agreements on biodiversity conservation
Providing incentives for biodiversity conservation
Developing private sector investment strategies for biodiversity conservation
Using economic tools for biodiversity conservation
Creating innovative forms of biodiversity conservation to attract increased global funding
Developing genetic engineering business for biodiversity conservation
Restructuring existing biodiversity markets
Evaluating management of biodiversity conservation strategies
Providing economic incentives for conservation of natural resources
Developing industrial partnerships for biodiversity conservation
Developing intellectual property rights systems in biodiversity conservation
Using biotechnology in forest conservation
Developing species management strategies for biodiversity conservation
Developing national wetland biodiversity conservation policies
Developing disaster management strategies for biodiversity conservation
Developing corporate biodiversity strategies
Creating cross-border regional economic agreements for biodiversity conservation
Identifying constraints on private sector investment in biodiversity conservation
Combining public and private sector resources in biodiversity conservation
Creating structural adjustments for biodiversity conservation
Developing eco-tourism business strategies for biodiversity conservation
Identifying opportunities for private sector investment in biodiversity conservation
Providing financial incentives to landowners for biodiversity conservation
Establishing biodiversity funds
Managing international financial support for biodiversity conservation
Developing pharmaceutical business strategies for biodiversity conservation
Applying economic tools at the local level of biodiversity conservation
Linking financial services to biodiversity conservation
Creating biodiversity conservation taxes
Recognising security issues in biodiversity conservation
Developing business strategies with traditional groups for biodiversity conservation
Developing adaptive management strategies for biodiversity conservation
Developing management strategies for invasive species
Developing fire management strategies for biodiversity conservation
Integrating wetlands biodiversity conservation into river basin management
Encouraging off-site conservation of biodiversity
Increasing local autonomy of government biodiversity conservation programmes
Financing biodiversity conservation through emissions trading
Providing incentives to farmers for biodiversity conservation
Evaluating effects of globalization on biodiversity conservation
Developing corporate natural resource accounting for biodiversity
Using economic discounting mechanisms in biodiversity conservation
Providing financial incentives for biodiversity conservation
Incorporating women's knowledge of conservation in sustainable development databases
Providing local watershed planning grants
Producing environmental resource inventories
Raising awareness of water
World conservation
Designating conservation status
Conserving land resources
Conserving land resources
Conserving energy
Improving governmental resource conservation policies
Improving governmental resource conservation policies
Creating conservation programmes
Abstaining from soil conservation
Doing without adequate water conservation
Providing sufficient resource conservation
Abstaining from resource conservation
Managing environmental demand
Encouraging soil conservation
Publishing list of conservation agreements
Promoting global conservation conventions
Developing local conservation groups
Globalizing conservation
Advancing conservation awareness
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values