Developing local conservation groups

Assisting community conservation organizations
Project planning and implementation through grassroots organizations for integrated community development and natural resource conservation.
From 1995-1997, the Parks and People Project was implemented in 5 protected areas by the government of Nepal with the financial and technical assistance of UNDP. The project has launched various activities in the project areas to achieve two main objectives: increase the socio-economic level of the bufferzone communities and conserve the biodiversity of parks/reserves and their surrounding. The major activities initiated by the project in its first phase were: (a) formation of local grass roots organizations such as User Groups (UGs), Function Groups (FGs), User Committees (UCs), (b) organization of skill enhancement training, (c) income generation activities, (d) productive infrastructure development, (e) conservation education and awareness programmes, (f) bufferzone community forestry development, and (g) eco-tourism promotion. The programme advocates the community based approach to conservation of park resources. Partnership arrangements are forged between the different groups formed by the communities in the buffer zone and the park and forestry authorities to promote self-reliant social and economic development with the final aim to protect and conserve of park resources.
Type Classification:
E: Emanations of other strategies