human value


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Related Problems:
Ineffective educational policy decisions
Inaccessible administrative agencies
Lack of support for local commercial services
Limited access to local decision-making bodies
Dispersion of local capital resources
Undemocratic local economic systems
Insolvent local authorities
Undetermined availability of capital
Inadequate maintenance of infrastructure
Insufficient local bookkeepers
Restricted scope of local employment
Limited local respect for regional and global legislation
Restricted flow of local economy
Unavailability of local facilities
Centralized decisions on local technological innovation
Declining local businesses
Neighbourhood control by criminals
Polarization of local conflicts
Lack of participation by local communities in democratic processes
Underdeveloped farming skills
Insufficient local contributors
Distrusted local politicians
Lack of local services for community leadership training
Argumentative community meetings
Ineffective techniques for achieving consensus
Failure to adapt general initiatives to specific needs
Escalation of war
Lack of local tractors
Local traditions of cultural isolation
Uncompetitive local merchandising
Deficiencies in national and local legal systems
Lack of local industries
Limited control of environment by local communities
Parochial preoccupation with community problems
Accidental poisoning by local anaesthetic
Poor local-national rapport
Unqualified local bargemen
Inadequate transportation facilities for rural communities
Overriding of international by local concerns
Hostilities between central and local governments
Dependency on local authorities
Limited space for markets
Prohibitive cost of necessities in rural communities
Insufficient local organizers
Inaccessible job market
Underemphasis on local economic development
Lack of symbolism in local relationships
Unavailability of local dentists
Excessive dependence of local communities on outside services
Unappealing local businesses
Limited local markets for goods and services
Local control of resources
Inadequate relationship between transnational corporations and local industry
Exchange rate volatility
Limited local demand
Limited relations beyond local environments
Unavailability of local directories
Scarce local cash
Deficient local structures for the unemployed
Unprofitable local politics
Unbridled competition among government agencies
Insufficient doctors
Unshared local innovations
Lack of participation in local welfare programmes
Decline in local community spirit
Reducing loss of common open spaces
Developing own currency
Strengthening local organizations responsible for land management
Creating local currency systems
Strengthening local governments
Conserving nature communally
Establishing local recycling centres
Expanding use of local construction technologies
Creating coherent local infrastructure solutions
Ensuring local participation in coastal zone management
Linking local and global commons
Managing wild renewable resources through local communities
Ensuring project plans include indigenous practices
Improving coordination among public, NGOs, indigenous people and local communities
Establishing community banks
Strengthening research to build demographic factors into local sustainable development programmes
Strengthening efforts to ensure communities get adequate benefits from the use of local resources
Strengthening national and local capacity for managing rapidly growing cities
Strengthening local understanding and sustainable use of marine living resources
Ensuring participation with local communities
Developing local health plans
Strengthening local capacity to adapt appropriate technologies
Strengthening capacity to build demographic factors into national sustainable development policies
Implementing sustainable strategies through local planning
Developing Local Agenda 21
Strengthening role of local authorities in sustainable development
Focusing capacity building on local communities
Involving local communities in contingency planning on environmental hazards
Adapting cost-effective methods of environmental control to local conditions
Informing local communities about hazardous installations
Restructuring skill base of population
Supporting public participation in urban environment improvement programmes
Assessing local knowledge of forests
Strengthening local associations dealing with interests of pastoralists
Improving urban governance
Generating community support for environmental health programmes
Taking local environmental action
Promoting democratic local governments
Using local voluntary organizations
Enabling local control of mass media
Enabling local community management of aquatic resources
Ensuring local authorities use environmentally sound building materials
Supporting development of local financial intermediaries
Including environmental management in activities of local authorities
Facilitating development of rural workers organizations
Building demographic factors into national policies for sustainable development
Using local markets
Improving local managerial skills to strengthen the basic health system
Strengthening local institutions and partnerships for integrated infrastructure services
Using local government management of common property resources
Transferring fishing technology to local communities
Building demographic factors into local programmes for sustainable development
Increasing coastal zone management capabilities at the local level
Supporting local government with information
Involving local people in raising public awareness on the environment
Providing extension services to support local environmental management
Providing technology and training for local environmental information services
Converting foreign debt into local currencies
Sharing of environmental education costs by local communities with richer assisting poorer communities
Offering environmental health studies for young people
Developing community detection of traffic in hazardous wastes
Disseminating environmental knowledge using local customs
Integrating local industry within its region
Responding to local needs
Supporting use of local handling in provision of urban water supply
Supporting industry demonstration projects on cleaner production
Diversifying local economies
Using indigenous methods to maximize local involvement in drinking water supply and sanitation
Decentralizing government activities
Providing local communities with environmental know-how
Ensuring water programmes use local expertise
Integrating local planning in education curricula in small islands
Strengthening managerial capabilities of local water user groups
Strengthening local authority capabilities on water protection
Involving indigenous peoples in planning national policies
Training in community water resources management
Strengthening role of local government for democracy
Using interdisciplinary teams with local expertise for sustainable development studies
Training local environmental technicians to assist local communities
Providing technical advice for institutional cooperation in local communities
Creating local drama performance
Involving local people in water management
Revitalizing local and regional economic circulation
Regenerating local distribution networks
Adapting procedures in overseas affiliates to local ecological conditions
Preserving traditional rights to natural resources
Harmonizing local standards
Providing increased local employment to reduce poverty
Cooperating between local NGOs and authorities on sustainable development programmes
Outsourcing government regulatory responsibilities
Outsourcing government regulatory responsibilities
Privatizing municipal services
Providing financial incentives to landowners for biodiversity conservation
Developing local environmental health action plans
Promoting best value in local authorities
Strengthening role of women in local government
Applying economic tools at the local level of biodiversity conservation
Increasing local autonomy of government biodiversity conservation programmes
Convening international consultations to support local authorities
Preparing national and local environmental quality standards
Supporting waste reuse in small communities
Supporting waste reuse in small communities
Providing local watershed planning grants
Expanding information exchange among local authorities
Providing incentives to local authorities to recycle wastes
Improving public understanding of scientific reports on local sustainable development issues
Undertaking community consultations to prepare and adopt a Local Agenda 21
Including resource recovery in local authority waste management plans
Expanding chemical safety research programmes at the local level
Translating international chemical safety reports into local languages
Collecting information on sustainable strategies of local authorities
Increasing local production outlets
Harvesting local tree varieties
Developing local product resources
Enlarging community credit base
Enabling local appliance repair
Standardizing local water purity
Disposing of local sewer wastes
Establishing symbolic community leadership
Curtailing local property destruction
Supporting local educational structures
Supporting local educational structures
Focusing local elder interchange
Increasing salaried local jobs
Numbering all local homes
Creating local ladies' club
Limiting local malaria sources
Training local project leaders
Creating local repair services
Making available local classrooms
Improving local training possibility
Raising local learning level
Utilizing locally grown products
Marketing locally produced goods
Expanding local artisans productivity
Expanding useful local skills
Developing local raw materials
Producing local consumer products
Displaying local community goods
Providing basic local accountability
Establishing local continuing education
Intensifying supplementary local training
Supplying local teacher aides
Constructing local cooperative facility
Erecting local industrial buildings
Creating local manufacturing business
Producing quality local fruits
Extending local food supply
Increasing local meat source
Restocking local fish ponds
Enabling local marketing tailors
Employing local learning assistants
Preserving local produce condiments
Publicizing current local consensus
Enlisting untapped local talent
Increasing local literacy standards
Balancing local nutrition intakes
Upgrading local rice yields
Managing local agricultural resources
Establishing community retail outlets
Developing skilled local educators
Displaying local art forms
Guiding local creative talent
Widening local practical expertise
Training local teaching staff
Publicizing local products nationally
Raising local trading revenue
Enhancing local credit systems
Finding local entertainment site
Broadening local news coverage
Activating local security aides
Encouraging local commercial enterprises
Providing local fuel resources
Ensuring local emergency medical facilities
Creating attractive local environment
Enhancing local recreation capacities
Creating equipped local faculty
Developing local business prowess
Training local health instructors
Expanding regional-local awareness
Increasing local milk output
Accelerating local retail trade
Marketing local agriculture produce
Mobilizing local construction talent
Stabilizing community identity
Providing local communications means
Expanding local hospitality structures
Maximizing local pricing advantage
Enabling local business development
Widening local manufacturing abilities
Securing local production contracts
Demonstrating local farming expertise
Maximizing local agricultural storage
Developing local medical resources
Actualizing local curriculum consultation
Symbolizing local economic unification
Releasing local artistic skills
Divulging local wisdom
Organizing creative local involvement
Obtaining necessary local support
Creating local consumer awareness
Creating local consumer awareness
Generating broad-based local support
Signalling local creative possibilities
Landscaping open green spaces
Focusing local application endeavours
Supplementing local capital base
Promoting family role in local community
Expanding local contextual imagination
Preserving common past heritage
Erecting local shrines
Supplying basic nutritional needs
Coordinating local postal exchange
Recognizing communal interests
Discerning prioritized local issues
Raising neighbourhood local concerns
Engaging concerned local residents
Creating global-local context
Building common local concern
Upgrading local market conveniences
Selling local community crafts
Diversifying local community shops
Utilizing local raw materials
Developing better community markets
Creating local skilled artisans
Encouraging local teacher development
Improving local cattle stock
Establishing local grinding mill
Opening local produce store
Establishing local medical clinic
Honouring local talent abilities
Demonstrating local craft skills
Eliciting active parent participation
Transmitting local cultural heritage
Enhancing ethnic tradition appreciation
Equipping local paraprofessional corps
Stimulating local savings campaign
Offering purchasable local souvenirs
Diversifying local production patterns
Ensuring rapid local service
Employing competent local artisans
Gathering willing community residents
Coordinating local expertise
Stimulating local purchase interest
Increasing local market visibility
Providing trained local manpower
Increasing local human interaction
Regularizing local citizen contact
Assessing local health needs
Centralizing local commercial services
Establishing local monitoring group
Establishing local produce exchange
Starting local electrical services
Equipping trained community staff
Encouraging local business buying
Promoting local business visibility
Restoring local historical sites
Beautifying local home sites
Utilizing local available space
Equipping local community leadership
Volunteering local experience data
Creating outlet for local harvest
Using available local skills
Providing increased local employment
Assuring local legal entity
Publicizing unique local advantages
Exhibiting local skill achievements
Developing trained local personnel
Creating local apprenticeship positions
Creating local youth core
Establishing local clinics
Eliciting qualified local leaders
Maximizing local business potential
Expanding local business area
Demonstrating local residents talent
Equipping local health personnel
Upgrading community fire protection
Sharing local commercial wisdom
Establishing local washing facilities
Utilizing local technical expertise
Broadening local citizen responsibility
Designing local product publicity
Providing local craft market
Extending local artisan competence
Empowering popular leader
Creating corporate care events
Stimulating creative local competition
Revitalizing cultural traditions
Utilizing local industrial by-products
Creating local community consensus
Developing local preventive medicine
Developing qualified local teachers
Assuring local apprentice opportunities
Maximizing use of local natural resources
Cultivating local wild plants
Accelerating local monetary flow
Generating community investment fund
Capitalizing available local resources
Enhancing local product value
Recovering product for local consumption
Facilitating rapid local communication
Symbolizing local leadership dynamics
Equipping local repair facilities
Expanding local classroom space
Planning local neighbourhood life
Enabling local political voice
Ensuring local repair expertise
Manufacturing basic local goods
Establishing product quality measures
Augmenting current local manufacturing
Installing local generating system
Utilizing local power sources
Exhibiting varied community skills
Drafting local geo-social map
Extending local curriculum base
Equipping local factory workers
Visiting local historical nodes
Sending chosen local representatives
Analysing specific local needs
Retaining capital within local community
Making local clothing accessories
Selling local fishing items
Coordinating local business growth
Supplying local industry needs
Ensuring constant local reinvestment
Improving local language proficiency
Broadening local schooling base
Upgrading local pedagogical skills
Designing local learning structures
Distributing community news bulletin
Encouraging local fiscal abilities
Developing local water reserves
Upgrading local soil productivity
Organizing catalogue of local abilities
Providing local bread supply
Constructing local service centres
Supplementing local fuel sources
Facilitating local movements
Maximizing local purchasing power
Expanding local school enrolment
Generating additional local funds
Discerning employable local talents
Training for jobs
Promoting local business enterprises
Creating contemporary local image
Maintaining local physical assets
Building local farming skills
Ensuring adequate local representation
Displaying local community heritage
Releasing local money flow
Educating local care force
Boosting local wholesale prices
Enabling local tax provision
Organizing local talent resources
Using local mechanical skills
Incorporating local legal body
Ensuring local values preservation
Maximizing local tourist attractions
Organizing local commercial expertise
Exploring unused local resources
Coordinating local recreation plan
Reducing local energy costs
Establishing local delivery network
Facilitating local life style
Recovering local cultural gifts
Cultivating quality local workmanship
Implementing local business activity
Developing local sustaining networks
Installing local health services
Building local consensus forms
Organizing local commercial opportunities
Equipping disciplined local teacher
Equipping local youth
Promoting local tourist ventures
Establishing local community kindergarten
Formalizing technical training structures
Expanding basic local sustenance
Developing local industrial base
Implementing local engagement means
Advancing local employment skills
Activating basic local relations
Maximizing local information flow
Organizing community task forces
Promoting local marketing ventures
Organizing local commercial activity
Creating comprehensive drainage scheme
Developing local commercial enterprises
Manufacturing local craft products
Developing available community resources
Constructing adequate local buildings
Increasing local commercial activity
Empowering flow of goods
Enhancing local social environment
Amplifying local recreational activities
Releasing local information channels
Instituting effective demonstration farming
Constructing public buildings
Promoting local business expansion
Creating local recreational areas
Revitalizing existing community buildings
Enlarging local consensus network
Ensuring adequate local government services
Stimulating local organization involvement
Forming local development association
Rebuilding local residential units
Launching local construction enterprises
Extending local preschool care
Furthering local agricultural enterprises
Activating local bureaucratic systems
Heightening public awareness events
Opening local commercial enterprises
Securing local credit access
Expanding local industrial base
Recovering local polity forms
Extending local information structures
Expanding local agricultural demonstrations
Establishing local participation opportunities
Developing local preschool complex
Equipping local residents
Enabling cooperative farm practices
Securing local industry support
Promoting participatory local organization
Expanding local marketable services
Acquiring revolving local capital
Ensuring local economic sufficiency
Developing local agro industry
Arranging local teacher support
Launching small service industries
Activating local community nodes
Systematizing local labour personnel
Shaping local information flow
Restructuring pluralistic local communities
Awakening motivation in local community
Assigning exemplary families to local communities
Creating global local polity models
Continuing communal wisdom
Providing basic needs
Personifying local wisdom
Declaring local intuition
Identifying local needs
Undertaking community renewal
Concretizing local global dynamic
Enabling local global participation
Releasing local polity
Global local community planning
Creating local communications network
Developing local information centers
Promoting local research
Demonstrating deliberative systems locally
Structuring local consensus
Organizing community leaderships
Structuring coordinated global local priorities
Producing local dramatization
Intensifying local global relevance
Demonstrating local possibilities
Highlighting global local news
Employing local people
Enabling role of local folk
Creating local global vocational mission
Training community volunteers
Publicizing local demonstration projects
Intensifying participation in local accountability structures
Gridding local power structures
Empowering local residents
Motivating local concern
Registering local voters
Communicating local mythology
Linking local consultants
Strengthening community communications
Revealing local symbols
Creating geographical identity
Developing community leadership
Expanding local images
Dramatizing local possibilities
Legitimizing local services
Planning local action
Researching local sources
Surveying community needs
Employing local media
Systematic model building
Using local feedback system
Exchanging local images
Planning community programmes
Extracting local response
Polling local opinion
Utilizing local imagination
Coordinating local needs
Releasing local power
Proclaiming community history
Appreciating local wisdom
Demonstrating local care
Resolving conflict through emphasis on local issues
Engaging global-local citizenship
Harmonious local development
Establishing orderly economic marketing system
Structuring community cooperatives
Embodying trans-local presence
Improving existing communities
Developing local light industry
Involving women in local development programmes
Increasing municipalization of land
Permeating local structure
Marketing local-image products
Creating local contextual images
Training local development facilitators
Giving attention to maintenance of local infrastructure
Neglecting local government
Reporting negligence in local government
Making local industry profitable
Creating local resident authorities
Recognizing channels of local decision-making
Updating institutional structures for local government
Reforming local authority legislation
Overriding local concerns
Undertaking local planning
Resolving local conflicts
Focusing on community problems
Involving local populations
Addressing failure to include local populations in solutions to problems
Addressing failure to include local populations in solutions to problems
Addressing failure to include local populations in solutions to problems
Restricting scope of local employment
Reducing local expenses
Exposing local government scandal
Covering-up local government scandal
Relieving scarcity of local cash
Providing local planning resources
Reducing use of foreign programmes for media
Restricting availability of local business capital
Increasing availability of local services
Limiting availability of local services
Checking minor vandalism
Claiming local responsibility
Managing communities
Enhancing local businesses
Utilizing locally available skills
Abolishing unethical practices in local government
Creating imaginative vision of local resource use
Creating imaginative vision of local resource use
Regulating local government
Structuring local government in small communities
Cooperating for local sustainable rural development
Investing in skills of local people
Financing local government
Providing local structures for the unemployed
Activating municipal politics
Organizing local marketing
Exploring alternative natural resource endowments
Centralizing local capital resources
Advocating dispersion of local capital resources
Recognizing local initiatives
Providing local water sources
Providing local passenger trains
Providing local commercial training
Providing local schools
Using local government authority
Delegating sustainable development to appropriate level
Including local populations in solutions to problems
Integrating public information
Providing local enforcement
Improving financing by local government
Improving income of rural communities
Improving public utilities in urban areas
Improving community-based rehabilitation facilities
Increasing effectiveness of local unity
Achieving local unity
Improving community promotion
Improving community promotion
Breaking down local traditions of cultural isolation
Providing sufficient local jobs
Abstaining from local employment
Providing sufficient capital reserves
Providing sufficient local authority planning
Abstaining from local authority planning
Providing sufficient local commercial services
Abstaining from local information systems
Providing sufficient local leadership
Abstaining from local leadership role models
Providing sufficient participation in local politics
Abstaining from participation in local politics
Providing sufficient symbolism in local relationships
Abstaining from symbolism in local relationships
Providing sufficient support for local commercial services
Abstaining from support for local commercial services
Abstaining from using local funding channels
Participating as local communities in democratic processes
Abstaining from participation by local communities in democratic processes
Limiting local demand
Limiting local economy
Limiting relations beyond local environments
Limiting local markets for goods and services
Limiting number of local decision-making bodies
Limiting availability of local commercial resources
Limiting control of environment by local communities
Limiting local respect for regional and global legislation
Increasing local demand
Freeing up relations beyond local environments
Freeing up availability of local business capital
Increasing access to local decision-making bodies
Increasing local respect for regional and global legislation
Improving administration of local government
Reprimanding misconduct in local government office
Promoting local manufacture
Acquiring local companies
Encouraging local development
Strengthening local research
Researching local anaesthesia
Helping local authorities modernize management
Supporting local environments
Supporting local development
Organizing local seminars
Promoting local life
Developing local conservation groups
Evaluating local manufacture
Improving local administration
Initiating local seed exchange networks
Developing training materials for local government
Coordinating local authority
Improving local capability for growing oilseed crops
Encouraging local authorities
Creating local capital markets
Assisting professional local government administrators
Immunizing local staff
Building up local production
Networking local authorities
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values