human value


Creating research network
Developing learning organization
Establishing network of community based learning centres
Using computers in education
Learning through ignorance
Learning from indigenous values
Promoting English language in Latin America
Learning about the future
Formalizing education for women and girls
Learning from the wild
Preparing national strategies to meet basic learning needs for sustainable development
Developing electronic interactive learning
Enabling access to primary sources of information
Promoting social learning
Integrating basic learning needs into environmental education programmes at all levels
Piloting environmental health projects
Reintegrating work, play and learning
Learning by doing
Learning essential second language
Learning medical treatment skills
Providing youth training
Beginning early learning education
Establishing regular adult learning
Raising local learning level
Structuring needed learning resources
Sharing mutually beneficial ideas
Expanding language learning opportunities
Employing local learning assistants
Learning corporate farming skills
Engaging total family learning
Ensuring basic learning resources
Augmenting community learning resources
Expanding necessary learning skills
Developing early learning potential
Learning group motivation methodology
Grasping sounds inventory
Training early education teachers
Learning consensus creating methods
Learning from master tradesmen
Learning general operating techniques
Expanding functional learning studies
Grasping accepted vocabulary
Learning effective corporate action
Grasping practical grammar
Teaching social methodologies
Learning practical government approaches
Building child learning centres
Canvassing resident learning preferences
Learning practical budgeting approaches
Enabling early learning process
Learning sound finance systems
Providing motivating learning experiences
Learning basic office practices
Learning effective classroom procedures
Teaching early learning curriculum
Establishing early learning experiment
Extending early learning opportunities
Creating inclusive learning constructs
Enabling practical learning innovations
Defraying advanced learning expenses
Expanding early learning centre
Encouraging broader learning experience
Learning human physiological processes
Maintaining early learning centre
Creating comprehensive learning events
Accelerating children's learning modes
Establishing higher learning options
Designing local learning structures
Learning basic preventive measures
Learning corporate task procedures
Deciding intentional learning focus
Learning up-to-date equipment use
Learning required government procedures
Learning required government procedures
Starting advanced learning centre
Implementing comprehensive community education
Developing accessible learning resources
Expanding informal learning experiences
Supplementing formal learning structures
Extending functional learning tools
Enriching basic childhood learning
Expanding quality childhood learning
Supplementing formal learning opportunities
Furnishing adult learning programs
Broadening children's schooling opportunities
Advancing continuing education
Educating by correspondence
Identifying obstacles to conceptual integration in societal learning
Offering learner-managed learning
Increasing availability of learning resources
Learning fundamental skills
Using untapped learning resources
Corrupting learning institutions
Counselling learning-disabled college students
Counselling children with learning disabilities
Correcting learning disorders
Taking advantage of vocational training
Improving use of visual imagery for societal learning
Limiting societal learning
Limiting availability of learning opportunities
Limiting collective comprehension span in societal learning
Limiting collective comprehension span in societal learning
Freeing up availability of learning opportunities
Raising learning expectations
Lowering learning expectations
Learning from mistakes
Providing learning with higher spiritual wisdom
Developing multi channel learning
Advancing learning using satellite communications
Learning esperanto
Learning french
Supporting education
Learning about other countries
Developing new distance education
Applying training technologies
Developing relevant health learning materials
Learning languages
Instituting higher learning
Learning about other cultures
Developing intercultural education
Learning with particular attention
Promoting audiovisual education
Advancing lifelong learning
Learning effectiveness
Developing university management
Aiding learning
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values