Providing youth training

Training young people
Expanding youth academic competence
Broadening youth learning experiences
Offering augmented youth learning
Supplementing existing youth education
Training children
The Mexican family planning association (MEXFAM) trains youth promoters in distributing barrier contraceptives to their peers.

The 4-H Club of the Bureau of Agricultural Extension of the Philippine Department of Agriculture is aimed at developing rural youth into progressive farmers and home managers. Members are trained in various aspects of farming, livestock raising, home management and food processing. In 1986, the programme had benefitted some 45,600 young people. The primary goal is to stem the migration of youth to the cities by stimulating the entrepreneurship and self-reliance of rural youth in the management of their own future. In all, the agricultural extension programmes of the Department of Agriculture engage over 1 million farm youth, or about 5% of the out-of-school youth in rural areas of the Philippines. The programmes aim at providing unemployed rural out-of-school youth with information and opportunities for skills training and developing attitudes toward economically productive and gainful activities. Training focuses on value formation, agri-business management, entrepreneurship, cooperative development and hands-on training on the farm.

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D: Detailed strategies
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