human value


Providing information and services to young people
Encouraging youth leadership
Promoting interests of rural youth
Researching juvenile delinquency
Preventing youth crime
Funding youth participation
Designing youth programmes
Advocating youth reproductive rights
Providing youth with better health education
Developing relevant youth policies
Romanticizing youth
Broadening knowledge about youth
Improving situation of youth
Expanding role of children and youth in sustainable development
Expanding role of children and youth in sustainable development
Assisting children
Involving youth in environmental decision-making at all levels
Establishing nighttime sports to combat youth related problems
Training youth for employment in sustainable development
Involving youth in planning, implementing and assessing development projects
Informing governments of young people's proposals
Including youth in task forces on environmental education
Ensuring access of all youth to formal and informal education
Reducing youth smoking
Consulting youth groups on sustainable development programmes
Promoting chaste living for youth
Supporting International Youth Year
Improving coordination of international programmes for youth
Including youth representatives in delegations to international meetings
Considering proposals of youth groups in sustainable development policymaking
Providing youth training
Exchanging students
Involving youth
Organizing youth
Promoting rights of children and youth
Creating youth leadership opportunities
Improving facilities and space for youth recreation
Providing transitional support for youth
Developing youth vocational images
Developing youth vocational skills
Allotting adequate youth space
Beginning supervised youth activities
Expanding youth's global vision
Creating local youth core
Increasing youth linguistic proficiency
Holding creative youth competitions
Establishing elder youth dialogue
Creating community youth participation
Offering healthy youth environment
Developing responsible youth action
Equipping local youth
Expanding corporate youth activities
Broadening practical youth experiences
Channelling youth vitality
Creating youth demonstration schools
Structuring youth context
Structuring youth context
Assembling youth
Relieving youth leadership
Marketing to the young
Studying causes of youth poverty
Assisting youth in poverty
Organizing youth protest
Reducing incidence of racism in child and youth literature
Separating youth-adult activities
Integrating youth
Promoting adult-youth relationships
Reducing suspicion of adult-youth relationships
Regulating youth employment
Quieting youth unrest
Reducing youth violence
Occupying youth
Investing in youth
Tightening state responsibility for youth offenders
Denying rights of children and youth
Changing destructive youth image
Minimizing social disaffection of the young
Reducing discrimination against youth
Redirecting youth in a culturally turbulent environment
Hearing grievances of youth
Caring for homeless children
Correcting inaccurate youth stereotypes
Improving youth roles
Improving adult role models for youth
Ensuring competent youth
Assuming youth incompetence
Abstaining from youth participation
Limiting youth engagement
Limiting youth accountability
Increasing youth accountability
Preserving youth engagement
Networking youth science
Helping under-privileged children
Developing international youth tourism
Exploring issues affecting indigenous youth
Treating juvenile offenders
Exchanging among orthodox youth
Developing tourist exchanges for youth
Networking youth
Coordinating youth
Training rural youth
Developing student sport
Empowering youth
Distributing grants for youth projects
Serving muslim youth
Protecting youth
Organizing student religious movements
Promoting international youth
Rewarding youth
Creating youth hostels
Formulating national youth policies
Exchanging rural youth
Strengthening intercultural youth exchange
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values