Promoting chaste living for youth

Advocating chaste attitudes in the young
Advocating chastity for unmarried adolescents Promoting sexual abstinence for young people

In July 1994, some 211,000 signed cards - with a commitment to be sexually pure until the day one enters marriage - were staked to the ground in Washington D.C.'s Mall.


Most of the sex material made available to the young these days describes sexual intercourse in terms of "boy" and "girl" activity, rather than "husband" and "wife". It is difficult to find any mention of marriage as a positive and healthy relationship. The "advice" on STD's typically consists of normalizing venereal infections ("sexual diseases are not always worse than many other kinds of diseases that are passed around, such as the 'flu or measles"), encouraging open discussion, using condoms, washing the genital area after intercourse and trying to "keep the number of partners down to as few as possible". The avoidance of promiscuous relationships is not presented as an option.

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