Learning about other cultures


[Global InSite] is an award-winning Internet site, designed by students, to foster understanding and co-operation among students all over the world, by promoting sharing of information. It is intended to give visitors a feeling for what life is like in various countries, by giving them access to first-hand, detailed information on the lives of people who live there. The interactive nature is considered to promote an understanding of a country's culture, art and lifestyle much more readily than will the type of purely objective information found in encyclopaedias. Other features include a live chat area, discussion areas, and a penpals database. Other examples of such cultural education sites are [Raiders of the Lost Ark] at, [Stamp on Black History] at, [Mysteries of the Caminos Reales] at, and [Southern Native American Pow Wows] at

Type Classification:
E: Emanations of other strategies
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GOAL 4: Quality Education