human value


Establishing official support
Providing affordable loans to women
Campaigning for the protection of national monuments
Introducing environmental taxes
Assessing costs to support sustainable construction industry activities
Providing effective support to improve human health
Studying life support systems
Analysing social networks
Developing relevant youth policies
Providing foreign aid in support of social services for the poor
Reducing fiscal inequality
Providing technical support on using economic instruments for sustainable development
Switching from price support to conservation support
Improving socio-cultural factors which support population policies
Caring for widows
Improving marketing to support sustainable development
Supporting integrated coastal zone management in developing countries
Providing social safety nets
Ensuring debt reduction packages support the evolving international debt strategy
Providing logistics support for outreach programmes especially in rural areas
Supporting public participation in urban environment improvement programmes
Providing support services for persons with disabilities
Using support groups to help clear arrears of countries with economic reform programmes
Providing biosystematic consultation
Establishing secretariat support structure in the United Nations to follow up UNCED and implement Agenda 21
Generating community support for environmental health programmes
Fostering economic cooperation among developing countries
Ensuring national economic policies support sustainable development
Creating rural banking systems
Developing relevant policies for the elderly
Developing technologies which support alternative sources of income
Restricting financial support for unsound development
Assessing role of environmental taxes in support of sustainable development
Strengthening sustainable development through trade cooperation
Improving competitiveness to support sustainable development
Educating public health
Improving commodity processing to support sustainable development
Providing technical support on health of vulnerable groups to governments and organizations
Strengthening shelter sector
Providing foreign aid in support of impoverished vulnerable groups
Providing extension services to support local environmental management
Strengthening programmes of intergovernmental organizations to support Agenda 21
Compensating for loss of trade
Using internet to seek global support
Developing international environmental law
Forgiving regimes that support international terrorism
Expanding support for farmers' organizations
Providing international support for drinking water supply and sanitation programmes
Supporting spiritually
Supporting national efforts to integrate environment and development
Providing institutional support for business development
Preparing national action plans for implementing Agenda 21
Strengthening rural institutions and programmes that support environmentally sound farming
Establishing regional centres for support to small island states
Using animals for support
Ensuring support of United Nations system for national policies and programmes to implement Agenda 21
Exchanging best practices in development
Increasing support for sustainable development programmes of small and medium enterprises
Improving military technology
Developing ceramics industry
Strengthening bilateral aid programmes in support of sustainable development
Providing international financial resources for global biodiversity conservation
Designing life support systems
Mobilizing funds through UNDP to support national capacity building for sustainable development
Coordinating data and statistical systems to support long-term scientific assessment of the environment
Strengthening national research to support sustainable development
Managing international financial support for biodiversity conservation
Removing perverse environmental subsidies
Providing institutional and legal support on land tenure for farmers
Using information to support democracy
Convening international consultations to support local authorities
Convening international consultations to support local authorities
Creating decision support systems
Creating decision support systems
Increasing support for hazardous waste research in developing countries
Converting military technology in support of sustainable development
Providing technical assistance in support of business development
Soliciting increased adult support
Discerning possible government support
Providing social security services
Providing formal academic support
Providing transitional support for youth
Obtaining necessary local support
Generating broad-based local support
Inviting widespread funding support
Procuring broad-based expert support
Providing support by elders
Training additional support staff
Obtaining private sector support
Providing regional agricultural support
Providing community services
Securing informal leadership support
Eliciting broad regional support
Quickening individual conviction to corporate governance
Actualizing corporate economic support
Enabling continuing kinship support
Providing public support
Soliciting appropriate agency support
Initiating financial support systems
Securing active family support
Soliciting community financial support
Catalyzing regional business support
Engaging community school support
Ensuring existing group support
Securing additional industrial support
Forging fiscal support systems
Fostering external support relations
Ensuring continuous external support
Assuring practical engagement support
Securing specific private support
Enlisting practical support services
Expanding community support services
Providing basic support structures
Providing basic support services
Providing structural citizen support
Establishing support systems
Installing necessary support systems
Fostering regular educational support
Securing local industry support
Establishing fundamental financial support
Instituting effective domestic security
Arranging local teacher support
Maintaining educational support systems
Providing legal support for social stability
Generating employment
Demanding social support
Providing grassroots support
Structuring care of workers
Organizing citizens support
Procuring public support
Intensifying community consensus
Symbolizing support systems
Global local community planning
Building community support
Establishing official support for population control
Employing appropriate technology
Securing religious support for population control
Improving support for widowers
Addressing government failure to mobilize support against problems
Broadcasting in the public interest
Condemning government support for undemocratic regimes
Developing business support
Withdrawing support from unfriendly governments
Ensuring political support for sustainable policies
Providing industrial support services
Defaulting on alimony
Aiding economically disadvantaged countries
Organizing liaison with formal support
Mobilizing support against problems
Improving support for inventors
Improving peace research support
Improving system of child support enforcement
Using medical life support systems
Improving minority culture support
Providing technical aids for disabled persons
Providing technical aids for disabled persons
Abstaining from governmental support
Providing sufficient support for local commercial services
Abstaining from support for local commercial services
Limiting government support
Providing rural support
Researching social security
Promoting interchange of technical assistance
Assisting support
Training in genetic cloning
Providing development support
Providing logistic support
Providing support
Limiting financial support
Providing concrete support
Institutionalizing support
Aiding inter monastique support
Offering parent support
Providing mutual support
Developing institutional support
Supporting parents of sick children
Researching foundation support
Giving moral support
Strengthening public support for anti-corruption programmes
Promoting hand hygiene support
Lending financial support to liberation movements
Providing intellectual support
Providing technical support
Providing humanitarian support
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values