Providing aid
Supporting men
Arming citizens
Supporting women
Supporting networks
Opposing neofascism
Opposing neofascism
Using hallucinogens
Supporting drug use
Supporting education
Supporting companies
Supporting musicians
Supporting terrorism
Ordering procreation
Supporting librarians
Encouraging migration
Supporting scientists
Supporting fishworkers
Supporting unification
Supporting universities
Advancing biotechnology
Supporting school systems
Supporting film industry
Assisting social outcasts
Researching clerical work
Supporting nuclear physics
Supporting corrupt regimes
Supporting global programs
Sustaining social paradigm
Supporting cancer patients
Assisting unmarried mothers
Assisting unmarried couples
Supporting victims of abuse
Supporting local development
Supporting business ventures
Supporting commercial credits
Supporting local environments
Providing development support
Supporting cultural apartheid
Supporting judicial decisions
Supporting development actions
Upholding authentic judgements
Promoting literacy and reading
Improving support for inventors
Engaging in development process
Supporting health professionals
Supporting economic development
Supporting foreign dictatorship
Supporting developing countries
Supporting corrective penalties
Supporting national inventories
Supporting biographical activity
Supporting traditional breweries
Providing regional news agencies
Supporting democratic principles
Supporting economic dictatorship
Supporting corner store business
Hastening cognitive mobilization
Assisting administrative research
Supporting cooperation on leprosy
Enabling grassroots effectiveness
Supporting development programmes
Advocating political dictatorship
Supporting scientific publications
Supporting tyrannical dictatorship
Supporting irresponsible behaviour
Supporting new commercial ventures
Supporting parents of sick children
Supporting higher education systems
Supporting theories of sociobiology
Supporting debt-for-education swaps
Authenticating military dictatorship
Supporting ongoing language progress
Supporting healthy early development
Supporting natural filtering process
Supporting survey on forest products
Supporting community waste recycling
Supporting developing country efforts
Supporting local educational structures
Campaigning against religious education
Supporting urban agricultural activities
Supporting improved commercial buildings
Supporting country enforcement authority
Supporting investments in land resources
Supporting destructive leisure activities
Funding industrial research and development
Supporting international folklore festivals
Supporting gathering of industry information
Supporting new markets for pollution control
Supporting international adoption of children
Supporting national development constituencies
Supporting new highly sophisticated technologies
Supporting national health improvement programmes
Supporting involvement in experimental initiatives
Supporting investment in waste reuse and recycling
Supporting downstream processing of forest products
Maximizing use of information on chemicals management
Supporting national sustainable growth and development
Supporting international data networks on marine issues
Supporting United Nations resolutions against apartheid
Providing assistance for foot diseases and disabilities
Establishing friendly relations among neighbouring cities
Introducing environmentally sound products
Supporting pregnant parents of children with birth defects
Supporting demographic changes for sustainable development
Supporting practices less vulnerable to atmospheric changes
Supporting international agencies in collection of marine data
Supporting conservation of biological diversity on private lands
Supporting integration of traditional and sustainable production methods
Supporting regional centres on the effective use of economic instruments
Supporting regional centres on the effective use of economic instruments
Supporting cross-sectoral partnerships on environmentally sound technology
Supporting diversification on an environmentally sound and sustainable basis
Supporting infrastructure for diversification and national sustainable development
Empowering international organizations
Providing support
Providing support to both intergovernmental and inter-agency coordination mechanisms
Supporting environmentally sound leisure and tourism activities
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies