Securing active family support

Recognising the right of the family to social, legal and economic protection
Securing the requirements of the family for nutrition, suitable dwelling, health care and to support its responsibilities for child raising and socialization of its members.

Article 16 of the European Social Charter (Revised) (Strasbourg 1996) provides: With a view to ensuring the necessary conditions for the full development of the family, which is a fundamental unit of society, the Parties undertake to promote the economic, legal and social protection of family life by such means as social and family benefits, fiscal arrangements, provision of family housing, benefits for the newly married and other appropriate means.

Family breakdown is one of the destabilizing factors in today's society. It is countered by any measure which helps support and strengthen the family unit, be it fiscal or social. The responsibility of the continued nurturing of children in any union is best served by a stable family unit which is not too overburdened.
European Union of Women
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F: Exceptional strategies
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