human value


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Denial of the right of economic initiative
Departure of business from small communities to urban locations
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Restrictive business practices relating to publicity
Underuse of management research
Cyclic business recessions
Restrictive business practices
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Lack of business opposition to the arms race
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Undeveloped business support
Uncohesive business community
Untenable investments
Small business failures
Discouraging conditions for small business
Lack of social accounting in the business community
Unnecessary business closings
Business complicity in organized crime
Inadequate regulation of restrictive business practices in service industries
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Business hold-ups
Unprofitable transport business
Inadequate small-town business skills
Undeveloped business skills in urban areas
Corporate greed
Business bribery
Discriminatory business practices
Unconnected business resources
Ineffective regulation of restrictive business practices
Increase in abandoned buildings
Cultural traditions blocking business profit
Land controlled by business groups
Lack of private sector involvement in biodiversity conservation
Conservative business financing
Terrorism targeted against business corporations
Restrictions on private economic expansion
Undeveloped business plan
Deficient company legislation
Dim business future
Extraterritorial application of restrictive business practices legislation
Business skills drain
Soft commissions
Misuse of business enterprises as front organizations by government
Domestic bias in the regulation of restrictive business practices
Direct foreign investment by transnational enterprises as a restrictive business practice
Ineffective monitoring of restrictive business practices due to inadequate regulation
Inequitable bargaining
Unethical commercial practices
Inhibiting business outlook
Corporation financial secrecy
Complex business regulations
Traffic reducing business
Unbridled economic competition
Restrictive business practices in technology transactions
Restrictive store space
Low business visibility
Excessive salaries of corporate executives
Restrictive business practices of transnational corporations
Overextended business services
Monotonous business buildings
Insufficient loan collateral
Conflict of interests in business
Distrust of business by the community
Inadequate regulation of the restrictive business practices of state enterprises
Illiteracy as an inhibitor of business transactions
Business bankruptcy
Lack of corporate achievements
Restricting business practices
Assessing organizational performance
Developing codes of conduct for international business
Developing value codes for business
Working from home
Collating business opinion
Operating temporary work business
Networking fair trade import companies
Maintaining business network
Maintaining business network
Ensuring sustainable industrial development
Improving business information
Improving enterprise performance
Improving regulatory framework for business development
Identifying potential project partners
Coping with economic cycles
Practicing corporate environmental self-assessment
Developing social audits
Linking environmental quality and good business practice
Expanding industry consultation with the public
Integrating sustainable development in curricula of business, industrial and agricultural schools
Providing institutional support for business development
Strengthening role of business and industry
Using cost benefit analysis tools for biodiversity impact assessment
Rolling back environmental legislation
Developing electronic commerce
Researching legal aspects of business
Studying business history
Developing genetic engineering business for biodiversity conservation
Developing business certification schemes for biodiversity
Developing corporate biodiversity strategies
Combining public and private sector resources in biodiversity conservation
Creating structural adjustments for biodiversity conservation
Developing eco-tourism business strategies for biodiversity conservation
Integrating cleaner production policies in industry operations
Developing pharmaceutical business strategies for biodiversity conservation
Developing business strategies with traditional groups for biodiversity conservation
Using biodiversity priorities in business efficiency criteria
Developing business opportunities to conserve wild species
Using environmental assessment components in economic valuations
Developing corporate natural resource accounting for biodiversity
Incorporating biodiversity into business life-cycle assessments
Providing technical assistance in support of business development
Arranging business skills seminars
Increasing business management expertise
Offering full business methods
Creating local manufacturing business
Utilizing general business expertise
Equipping potential business candidates
Linking needed business expertise
Underwriting usual business operations
Developing local business prowess
Planning joint business ventures
Enabling local business development
Enabling local business development
Establishing business equipment prices
Attracting profitable business ventures
Forming business management group
Providing business management services
Introducing profitable business patterns
Renewing central business complex
Teaching effective business procedures
Ascertaining new business opportunities
Creating attractive business district
Assuring adequate goodwill to maintain production
Providing relevant business data
Promoting local business visibility
Performing corporate citizen tasks
Assuring new business space
Coordinating community economic ventures
Exchanging technical business data
Assuring needed business skills
Teaching basic agro-business methods
Counselling economic ventures
Maximizing local business potential
Expanding local business area
Transferring relevant business experience
Developing practical business leaders
Honouring business cooperatives
Providing skilled business personnel
Producing capable business typists
Developing substantial business contracts
Regulating commercial relations
Initiating resident business structure
Gaining individual business acumen
Securing long-range business credit
Ensuring essential travel services
Coordinating local business growth
Making gainful business contracts
Coordinating agro-business activities
Developing entrepreneurial skills
Catalyzing regional business support
Promoting local business enterprises
Extending effective business advice
Initiating retail business leadership
Procuring skilled business advisers
Reducing business equipment costs
Enabling cooperative business transfers
Providing practical business experience
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Stimulating retail business growth
Expanding profitable business enterprise
Forging extended business contacts
Conducting business training courses
Establishing new business ventures
Coordinating retail business activities
Beginning labour contract business
Facilitating professional business practices
Managing commercial company
Promoting local business expansion
Supplying effective business assistance
Creating business men's structure
Promoting business decor
Organizing business leaders
Creating business accountability
Popularizing business experience
Financing business
Recognizing business opportunities
Promoting business growth
Improving quality research at business schools
Blocking business profit
Relieving scarcity of business collateral for microenterprises
Providing business collateral
Undertaking business ventures
Planning business activities
Reducing sterility of business districts
Researching causes of sterile business districts
Preserving traditional business methods
Providing alternative to traditional business methods
Restricting availability of local business capital
Restricting availability of local business capital
Changing enterprises
Increasing competitiveness of business practices
Coordinating business development
Developing business support
Reporting income and business activities
Supporting business ventures
Supporting corner store business
Competing in business
Bribing in commerce
Researching corporate crime
Deceiving in business
Reversing business decline
Monitoring business activity
Improving business leadership
Encouraging potential business
Reducing discriminatory business practices
Distorting corporate news and information
Distorting international trade by restrictive business practices
Concentrating of business enterprises
Coping with business failure
Averting business failure
Doing business
Conducting illegal international business
Conducting international business
Improving regulation of restrictive business practices in service industries
Ensuring competent business directors
Regulating restrictive business practices
Monitoring restrictive business practices
Increasing commercial facilities
Providing business facilities
Providing business opposition to the arms race
Abstaining from opposition to the arms race
Providing sufficient worker participation in business decision-making
Abstaining from worker participation in business decision-making
Providing sufficient opportunities for practical training
Limiting scope of business operations in small communities
Freeing up availability of local business capital
Correcting misconduct in business
Prosecuting misconduct in business
Restricting business
Challenging business
Facilitating business relations
Settling international commercial disputes
Encouraging business cooperation
Harmonizing business relations
Interchanging business data
Defending common interests of business
Exchanging business experience
Imparting business skills
Developing corporate governance within business
Furthering business relations
Expanding business opportunities
Segmenting international business
Accepting business
Facilitating appropriate business in developing countries
Developing business
Confronting business with environmental issues
Exchanging among business leaders
Marketing business research
Promoting business partnerships
Individualizing business corporations
Facilitating business opportunities
Contracting business
Improving business
Increasing business activity
Promoting business cooperation
Informing business
Business enterprises
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values