human value


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Related Problems:
Institutional dependency in religious orders
Trivialization of religious belief
Religious genocide
Religious torture
Misrepresentation of religious authority
Religious backsliding
Holy places as a focus of religious friction
Exclusive religious claims
Religious deception
Religious intolerance
Erroneous religious beliefs
Religious superstition
Abuse of charitable status of religious institutions
Religious rivalry
Desecration of religious buildings
Violence along internal borders
Denial of religious liberty
Indifference to spiritual values
Inefficiency due to mismatch of religious or national holidays
Religious historical forgery
Religious vilification
Religious repression
Lack of religious discipline
Religious censorship
Religious or civil refusal of divorce
Inaccessible places of worship
Disagreement concerning religious doctrine
Inadequacy of religion
Manipulative cults
Disparagement of religious experience
Religious ignorance
Inadequate integration of religions into society
Spiritual disobedience
Undue religious influence on secular life
Religious complacency
Outdated religious forms
Inaccessibility of religious scriptures
Barriers to transcendent experience
Religious hypocrisy
Unethical practices in religion
Religious discrimination in education
Erosion of religious belief by ecumenical dialogue
Religious paternalism
Profanation of sacred doctrine
Irrational religious beliefs
Unsubstantiated religious claims
Religious discrimination in politics
Religious nationalism
Lack of a religious centre
Negative effects of claims of religious infallibility
Radical religious traditionalism
Religious riots
Ignoring implications of biblical scholarship
Opposition to religious vocations
Authoritarian religious systems
Forced religious conversion
Religious sacrifice
Underprivileged religious minorities
Religious intimidation
Religious opposition to public health practices
Centralization of religious power
Separated brethren
Commercialization of religion
Accumulation and misuse of religious property
Religious discrimination against women in priesthood
Decreasing participation in collective religious worship
Misuse of resources in religion
Ineffective religious dialogue
Religious propaganda
Lack of secular celebrations
Religious secrecy
Discriminatory religious language
Denial of right to choose moral and religious education
Religious terrorism
Burdensome cost of religious ceremonies
Restrictive religious practices
Religious orthodoxy
Religious discrimination in the administration of justice
Irrational conscientious refusal of medical intervention
Banned religious sects
Incongruous religious images
Segregation based on religious affiliation
Killing sanctioned by religion
Religious war
Religious theology disrelated to life
Religious and political antagonism
Confiscation of religious property
Religious conflict
Religious legitimation of violence
Injustice of religious courts
Dissolution of religious bodies
Religious dissent
Religious apathy
Politicization of scholarship
Religious indoctrination
Decline in religious broadcasting
Mixed faith marriage
Discriminatory religious influence on the law
Superannuated religious gerontocracy
Religious fraud
Religious syncretism
Religious racism
Criticism of religious institutions
Religious elitism
Obsolete religious terminology
Religious dogmatism
Building spiritual communities
Conserving religious heritage
Infiltrating legal system on religious grounds
Establishing spiritual community zone
Religious attendance
Studying basic religious truths
Celebrating the mysteries
Preventing religious persecution
Exploiting fundamentalism
Providing religious training for marriage
Campaigning against religious education
Practising religious obedience
Reawakening religious awareness
Praying for religious unity
Practicing religious chastity
Promoting religion
Practising religious discipline
Freeing religious dogma of obsolete terminology
Practising religious devotions
Respecting other religious traditions
Ensuring government assistance to religious authorities
Undertaking religious retreats
Proclaiming religious truth
Defending religious liberty
Promoting religious freedom
Preserving religious freedom
Religious ascetics
Tolerating religious diversity
Uniting religious groups
Waging war of religions
Nurturing religious institutions
Promoting religious interaction
Developing shrine/community relations
Celebrating special religious days
Defining form of religious belief
Experiencing religious symbolism through rites
Requiring dramatization of religious rites
Demanding concrete symbols of belief
Blocking degeneration to sterile ceremony
Recalling ultimate context of religious symbolism
Endowing religious symbols with meaning
Fortifying religious liberty
Setting-up religious houses
Releasing secular religious style
Engaging in ecumenical dialogue
Religious living
Expressing universal images
Giving religious counselling
Providing religious education
Recognizing religion
Securing religious support for population control
Undermining religious opposition to public health practices
Persecuting religious sects
Reducing amount of religious propaganda
Reducing incidence of religious racism
Increasing church attendance
Reducing church attendance
Repressing religion
Resisting religious broadcasting
Restricting religious practices
Engaging in religious rivalry
Reducing religious rivalry
Making religious sacrifice
Exposing religious scandal
Covering-up religious scandal
Causing religious schism
Maintaining religious secrecy
Exposing religious secrecy
Segregating based on religious affiliation
Integrating different religions
Using religious terrorism
Preserving religious tradition
Upholding significance of religious belief
Supporting religious minorities
Relating theology to life
Exposing religious vilification
Alienating religious minorities
Finding religious meaning
Banning religious sects
Corrupting religious institutions
Reversing religious decline
Broadcasting religious programmes
Studying religious decline
Denying religious liberty
Denying religious freedom for women
Denying rights to religious minorities
Using religious apathy
Using religious intolerance
Desecrating religious buildings
Protecting religious buildings
Reconciling disagreement concerning religious doctrine
Requiring religious belief
Reducing religious discrimination
Reducing religious discrimination in politics
Reducing religious discrimination in education
Reducing discrimination against religious unbelievers
Reducing religious influence on society
Reducing discriminatory religious influence on the law
Reducing religious discrimination against women in priesthood
Disrespecting religion
Holding religious office
Observing religious practices
Using religious resources
Reducing delays in release of religious documents
Delaying release of religious documents
Integrating religious beliefs
Practicing religious exclusion
Obeying religious authority
Banning religious fanaticism
Discrediting religious fanaticism
Reducing religious fanaticism
Forcing religious conversion
Inciting religious hysteria
Claiming religious infallibility
Undertaking illegal religious practices
Adopting religious lifestyle
Granting indulgences
Granting indulgences
Refusing medical intervention
Claiming intimidation by priests
Holding religious beliefs
Providing religion
Abstaining from religion
Providing sufficient religious discipline
Abstaining from religious discipline
Abstaining from unity among religions
Exposing religious lies
Researching religious militancy
Correcting religious misconduct
Reprimanding religious misconduct
Fleeing religious persecution
Spreading religious teachings
Assisting religious belief
Liberalizing religious life
Owning religious teachings
Organizing student religious movements
Liberalizing religious women
Bearing witness in religion
Linking liberal religious women
Dialoguing about religious belief
Furthering religious experience
Harmonizing faith with science
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values