Denial of religious liberty

Other Names:
Denial of right to freedom of religion
Denial to right of freedom of belief
Curtailment of religious freedom

Denial of religious liberty takes many forms. An individual may be denied the right to manifest his religion in public or in private. He may be forbidden to have a specific religion. He may be denied the right to change religious belief. He may be denied the right worship, teach or practice as his religious belief dictates. Parents may be denied the right to provide their children with religious or moral education consistent with their own. It is in intruding on a person's relationship with the ultimate realities of his existence that the greatest danger to his self understanding and to his culture is present.


A child or spouse of intermarriage with a Jew is not allowed to be Jewish without the rites of religious conversion.


Monotheistic religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam are guilty of violating the conscience of people of other faiths. Lasting peace in a number of regional conflicts will only be attained when world religions openly declare that religious liberty is a basic human right. No true democracy can be established when the manifestation of any religion in teaching, practice, worship and observance is denied. The denial leads in fact to inhuman superiority, ugly oppression, blatant racism, and homicide.


Counter Claim:

Any religious practice that endangers pubic safety, order, health, or morals or infringes on the fundamental rights and freedoms of others must be limited.

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D: Detailed problems
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