Providing employment

Providing decent employment
Offering guaranteed employment options
Employing people
Employing staff
Providing employment opportunities
Providing jobs
Offering work
Employing labour
Employing pilots
Gaining work permit
Hiring contract staff
Generating employment
Employing the disabled
Providing temporary work
Providing work structure
Employing qualified staff
Developing urban employment
Ensuring continual employment
Increasing clerical employment
Training university press staff
Increasing employment in banking
Creating employment in transport
Re-educating and employing elders
Employing competent local artisans
Employing available youthful labour
Employing local learning assistants
Employing individuals with intellectually disabilities
Providing increased local employment
Universalizing employment availability
Increasing employment in retail sector
Assuring consistent work opportunities
Increasing employment in commercial law
Establishing student employment service
Expanding part-time employment positions
Increasing employment in financial sector
Increasing employment in accounting sector
Employing people in conservation programmes
Increasing employment in caring professions
Increasing employment in the insurance sector
Increasing non-farm employment for small farmers
Creating employment in the urban informal sector
Facilitating development of job-intensive sectors
Creating paid work through computer-based technologies
Increasing employment alternatives in small communities
Advancing integrated employment-linked shelter delivery
Increasing employment by decreasing industrial pollution
Creating productive employment relating to the environment
Ensuring adequate employment alternatives in coastal zones
Increasing employment through transnational corporation activity
Providing short-term rural employment for drought affected families
Operating temporary work business
Providing employment for women
Type Classification:
D: Detailed strategies
Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 4: Quality EducationGOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth