human value


Other Names:
Exchanging experience on rural energy technologies
Sharing experience across countries
Sharing information about inland aquatic resources
Transferring experienced health professionals to key sectors
Assessing experience on post-disaster reconstruction
Expanding exchange of experience
Expanding exchange of experience on environment and development training methods
Affirming local knowledge in education programmes
Giving urban children practical ecological experience
Exchanging experience on railways
Expanding information exchange among local authorities
Establishing networks for exchanging experience on farming and sustainable development
Initiating creative job experience
Accelerating children's school experience
Providing early awareness experience
Establishing practical work experiences
Providing practical building experience
Beginning organized agricultural experience
Broadening community cultural experience
Volunteering local experience data
Initiating industrial work experience
Enlarging people's life experience
Transferring relevant business experience
Enriching child's life experience
Sharing common life experience
Recognizing legal validity of pragmatic experience
Providing global travel experience
Encouraging broader learning experience
Revealing continually life experience
Providing practical job experience
Maintaining belief systems
Revealing possibilities for meaningful cultural experience
Providing practical business experience
Providing cultural experience
Maintaining record of past encounter
Expressing experienced consciousness of social meaning
Holding to life experience
Testing reality by experience
Initiating transpersonal dialogue
Revealing experienced transparency
Transmitting accumulated knowledge
Interpreting depth experience
Popularizing business experience
Transmitting skills by experience
Illuminating by sharing of experience
Relating symbols to human experience
Relating symbols to human experience
Improving work experience
Providing experience
Providing leadership experience
Providing industry experience
Improving extra-village experience
Living by past experience
Sharing community experience of development
Providing sufficient appropriate language to describe female experience
Limiting success experience
Limiting commercial experience
Increasing success experience
Increasing commercial experience
Experiencing near death
Sharing christian experience
Exchanging legislative experience
Developing higher states of consciousness
Exchanging business experience
Facilitating exchange of experience
Exchanging professional experience
Innovating experience
Exchanging experience
Furthering religious experience
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values