human value


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Related Problems:
Parental over-protectiveness
Inadequate disposal of female sanitary protection
Threatened species of Plantae
Distortion of international trade through obstacles to patent protection
Specious measures for environmental protection
Conflicting standards for protection against chemical occupational hazards
Reduced images of environmental protection
Excessive protection of industries by customs duties
Economically inefficient regulations
Denial of right to job protection during maternity leave
Inadequate legislation against environmental pollution
Vulnerability of animals during states of emergency
Human immunodeficiency virus infection
Unregulated outdoor work
Insecurity of property
Rejection of refugees
Protection rackets
Prohibitive cost of coastal protection against sea damage
Inadequate maternity protection in employment
Vulnerability of women and children in emergencies
Discrimination against transnational banks
Lack of legal protection of extortion victims
Absence of agreed minimum wage
Inadequate defence
Crop vulnerability
Incomplete storm protection
Ineffective protection of individual rights due to excessive court costs
Fragmented social structures for environmental protection
Vulnerability of the disabled during states of emergency
Denial to animals of legal protection of their rights
Denial to animals of the right to the attention, care and protection of humankind
Inadequate legal protection for agricultural workers
Violation of rights of vulnerable groups during states of emergency
Inadequate protection from cold weather
Threatened monuments and historic sites
Consumer vulnerability
Protection of company ownership
Denial of rights of ethnic minorities
Excessive environmental protectionism
Inadequate protection of war correspondents
Violation of the right of workers organizations to protection against suspension
Inadequate protection of individual welfare
Psychological barriers to the judicial protection of individual rights
Insufficient environmental legislation
Inadequate safeguards against fire
Vulnerability of the elderly under states of emergency
Lack of protection for victims of intimidation
Insufficient social security in the agricultural sector
Prohibitive cost of product liability protection
Denial of right to maternity leave
Researching legal aspects of biodiversity protection
Preparing species management plans
Campaigning for environmental protection laws
Campaigning for the protection of national monuments
Protecting refugees
Protecting minority rights
Studying children's rights
Using debt-for-nature swaps
Strengthening research on biotechnology and environmental protection
Conducting training for protection of the marine environment
Identifying target populations most needing improved health and disease protection
Convening consultations on protection of oceans and marine resources
Using environmental law
Using import protection as export promotion
Including marine environment protection in marine studies programmes
Protecting the poor
Protecting marine environment
Expanding public information on protection of the atmosphere
Reducing radiation effects
Increasing awareness and action for environmental protection
Taking an integrated approach to environmental protection in national laws
Reducing protection of state-owned enterprises
Conserving the Arctic
Using biotechnology for environmental protection
Strengthening local authority capabilities on water protection
Preparing national plans for water resource protection and conservation
Improving national capabilities for the protection of water quality
Promoting regional and sub-regional cooperation on environmental protection
Expanding education on water quality protection
Protecting traditional knowledge
Promoting sustainable use of biodiversity
Designing for environmental protection
Foetal protection strategies
Gaining divine protection
Offering protection of religion to rulers
Offering protection of religion to rulers
Recognizing citizen's rights in relation to the environment
Assuring young plant protection
Generating adequate terrain protection
Protecting intellectual property
Training volunteer fire department
Providing personal protection
Maintaining social environment
Upgrading community fire protection
Assuring protection of physical environment
Providing moral protection
Building adequate seawall protection
Increasing international protection of marine environment
Ensuring wider crop protection
Demanding public protection against crime
Protecting global environment
Expanding comprehensive citizen protection
Instituting effective domestic security
Questioning security of social structure
Establishing citizen protection
Developing civic operations for crime management
Assuring environmental protection
Structuring wisdom protection
Preserving historical and cultural treasures
Offering official protection for offenders
Studying causes of lack of solidarity with the poor
Increasing images of environmental protection
Increasing images of environmental protection
Asserting property rights
Respecting rights of vulnerable groups during states of emergency
Respecting rights of vulnerable groups during states of emergency
Protecting women and children in emergencies
Protecting against vulnerability of the elderly under states of emergency
Restoring police protection
Denying right to protection of trade union leaders
Denying animals of the right to the attention, care and protection of humankind
Protecting property
Protecting vegetation
Providing protection for disabled during states of emergency
Disempowering vulnerable groups
Protecting consumers
Distorting international trade through obstacles to patent protection
Using elitist justice
Systematizing structures for environmental protection
Improving patent licensing system
Improving patent licensing system
Improving protection from cold weather
Improving social protection of farmers
Improving maternity protection in employment
Improving protection for linguistic minorities
Protecting privacy
Providing protection from irritant gases and vapours
Abstaining from protection
Providing sufficient crop protection
Abstaining from crop protection
Abstaining from plant protection
Providing sufficient typhoon protection
Abstaining from typhoon protection
Abstaining from property protection
Providing sufficient protection within free markets
Abstaining from protection for industrial property
Abstaining from protection of the aged during disasters
Abstaining from protection of the handicapped during disasters
Abstaining from protection of vulnerable groups during disasters
Abstaining from protection of women and children during disasters
Globalizing environmental protection
Abusing conventions on animal protection
Mobilizing fire protection
Supporting environment protection
Receiving protection
Providing better protection
Promoting fire protection
Applying international copyright principles
Coordinating plant protection activities
Materializing protection
Meeting incremental project costs of environmental protection
Providing environmental education in schools
Serving professionals dealing with environmental protection
Ensuring effective protection
Improving international protection of industrial property
Using crop protection
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values