Offering adequate protection
Providing sufficient protection
Treating rot
Protecting cats
Preserving peace
Protecting youth
Preventing crime
Using censorship
Protecting trees
Protecting women
Protecting health
Protecting police
Protecting taboos
Protecting tribes
Improving liberty
Protecting rights
Combating drought
Protecting slaves
Protecting horses
Providing security
Protecting workers
Protecting mammals
Protecting insects
Protecting bryozoa
Protecting rodents
Protecting sponges
Preserving freedom
Protecting quality
Protecting reptiles
Protecting amphibia
Protecting annelida
Protecting molluscs
Promoting interests
Using protectionism
Protecting investors
Supporting musicians
Protecting edentates
Protecting elephants
Protecting languages
Protecting marsupials
Protecting arthropoda
Protecting watersheds
Protecting from fumes
Protecting currencies
Protecting shorelines
Nurturing social clubs
Protecting groundwater
Protecting journalists
Protecting disciplines
Protecting populations
Protecting development
Protecting agriculture
Protecting holy places
Protecting homeworkers
Protecting human health
Protecting dramatic art
Protecting the innocent
Protecting jewish rights
Protecting foetal rights
Protecting echinodermata
Protecting aschelminthes
Protecting invertebrates
Protecting craftsmanship
Protecting from exposure
Protecting right to work
Protecting common welfare
Protecting against winter
Protecting national parks
Protecting product rights
Reducing radiation effects
Protecting human resources
Protecting the handicapped
Protecting platyhelminthes
Protecting against roguery
Protecting literary rights
Conserving wildlife habitat
Protecting domestic markets
Protecting against ionizing
Protecting bird populations
Protecting against invasion
Protecting threatened sects
Restricting legal practices
Protecting official secrets
Protecting the human genome
Protecting the human genome
Protecting individual rights
Protecting against pollution
Protecting against disasters
Protecting new family images
Protecting plants and animals
Protecting against high tides
Protecting non-owning workers
Protecting temporal wilderness
Protecting democratic freedoms
Protecting broadcasting rights
Protecting trade union leaders
Protecting green inner suburbs
Protecting religious buildings
Responding to minority concerns
Establishing fundamental rights
Reducing occupational allergies
Protecting winter access routes
Protecting cultural differences
Protecting radioactive materials
Protecting against animal damage
Protecting atomic energy systems
Protecting against plant diseases
Protecting islands from inundation
Protecting from racial degradation
Protecting international friendship
Protecting against atomic radiation
Protecting society against criminals
Providing sufficient crop protection
Protecting against economic invasion
Protecting against economic invasion
Protecting boundaries of social unit
Respecting individual language rights
Protecting against geological hazards
Protecting against food contamination
Protecting against cyber disasters
Protecting monuments and historic sites
Protecting against hazards in daily life
Protecting against travel health hazards
Protecting against environmental mutagens
Protecting those not recognized by the law
Conserving endangered species of carnivores
Protecting against toxic and harmful agents
Protecting accounting and auditing services
Protecting against extraterrestrial invasion
Protecting against hazardous remnants of war
Protecting freshwater wildlife from pollution
Protecting popular culture from vandalization
Ensuring right to freedom from double jeopardy
Protecting against disastrous insect invasions
Protecting right of unrestricted access to land
Protecting groups and people with special needs
Protecting against environmental discontinuities
Protecting against occupational risks and hazards
Protecting against health hazards of radioisotopes
Protecting endangered monuments and historic sites
Protecting workers against excessive working hours
Protecting against hazards of agricultural chemicals
Providing protection for disabled during states of emergency
Protecting against abuse in the distribution of strategic products
Protecting against health hazards from fish, crustacea and molluscs
Providing patent coverage
Protecting against hazards
Constrained by:
Abstaining from protection
Facilitated by:
Improving defence
Type Classification:
A: Abstract fundamental strategies