human value


Other Names:
Related Problems:
Unhealthy diet
Soil infertility
Intellectual disability
Lack of integrity
Visually handicapped persons
Deficiency diseases
Gland disorders
Inadequate education system
Irresponsible social designers
Ineffective systems of practical education
Psychological inertia
Nutritional deficiencies
Deficient social planning
Inadequate health services
Human deficiency diseases
Deficient communal mandate
Inequality in distribution of energy resources among countries
Energy crisis
Low-quality construction work
Iodine deficiency disorders
Vitamin deficiencies in diet
Inadequate corporate governance
Deficient business leadership
Acquired human immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)
Deficiency diseases in plants
Intellectual disability in children
Protein-energy malnutrition
Lack of skilled manpower in rural areas
Inadequate public transportation
Deficiencies in international law
Deficiencies in the welfare state
Lack of accurate maps
Deficiencies in national statistics
Deficiencies of developing countries
Deficiencies in civil justice systems
Deficiencies in the criminal justice system
Deficient local structures for the unemployed
Deficiency in innovation in the public sector
Inadequacy of scientific reasoning
Moral pretension
Deficiencies in national and local legal systems
Lack of facilities for disturbed children
Interaction of deficiencies in world economical systems
Deficient Qi in the body
Vanadium deficiency
Dietary deficiencies in domestic animals
Copper deficiency in the diet
Lack of planning
Visual colour deficiencies
Deficiency patterns of disharmony within the body
Deficient Blood in the body
Protein deficiency in cereals
Unbalanced family diets
Lack of sanitation in cities
Vitamin E deficiency
Immune system diseases in animals
Christmas disease
Eye diseases and disorders
Inadequate dietary magnesium
Deficient care of public beaches
Nutritional blindness
Trace element deficiencies in soils
Neglected young children
Biotinidase deficiency disorder
Iron deficiency anaemias
Lack of Vitamin B1
Inadequate dietary zinc
Limited agricultural advice
Deficient company legislation
Lack of folic acid in diet
Congenital immune deficiencies
Ignorance of nonverbal communication skills
Defective municipal water delivery equipment
PTA deficiency
Inadequate risk management
Trace element imbalance in the human body
Deficiency diseases in animals
Feline immuno-deficiency virus
Metal deficient diets
Inadequate water system infrastructure
Congenital iodine deficiency syndrome
Manganese deficiency
Coagulation disorders
Protein deficiency anaemia
Marine oxygen deficiency
Vitamin B deficiencies
Cranio-facial defects
Absence of organization training
Inadequate coordination of international organizations
Deficiencies in military codes of justice
Chromium deficiency
Calcium deficiency
Vitamin D deficiency
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values