human value

Common sense

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Threatened species of Phalanger intercastellanus
False sense of security
Lack of solidarity with the poor
Threatened species of Pristis pristis
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Impairments of kinaesthesis
Inadequate arrangement of housing with respect to common land
Jurisdictional conflict and antagonism among regional intergovernmental organizations with common membership
Erosion of collective consensus
Loss of the sense of God
Threatened species of Sminthopsis murina tatei
Loss of sense of smell
Disorders of the sense organs
Insufficient common land in urban environments
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Lack of commitment to common symbols
Common cold
Threatened species of Vespertilionidae
Loss of sense of sin
Unimaginative social behaviour
Threatened species of Litoria rheocola
Inadequate sense of personal identity
Threatened species of Acipenser sturio
Insufficient common experience
Desacralization of life
Expert disparagement of common sense
Inadequate sense of community and solidarity amongst workers
Culicine mosquitoes as vectors of disease
Inadequate coordination among regional intergovernmental organizations with common membership
Group mind
Disorders of skin, joint and muscular sensation
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Common liver fluke
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Common chigger
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Debilitating poverty image
Common graves
Gender dysphoria
Threatened species of Trachemys scripta
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Reducing loss of common open spaces
Promoting use of English as common global language
Managing pastoral common property regimes
Exploring common property rights in semi-arid and saline areas
Exploring common property rights in semi-arid and saline areas
Creating new commons
Using multi-disciplinary approaches to common property regimes
Reinventing the commons
Studying basic religious truths
Producing nonsense
Using local government management of common property resources
Promoting English as second language of Europe
Diversifying local economies
Promoting use of common world language
Establishing community symbolic space
Providing a forum
Providing additional gathering places
Forging common creative consensus
Cultivating common history appreciation
Dramatizing common community initiative
Deepening common global awareness
Transforming special common areas
Using common agricultural implements
Constructing common storage space
Researching to create awareness of common destiny
Lowering common supply costs
Upgrading existing common facilities
Strengthening cooperation between developing countries
Engineering common production
Meeting common neighbourhood needs
Performing common neighbourhood tasks
Enhancing common tenant effort
Preserving common past heritage
Recognizing communal interests
Building common local concern
Preserving common religion
Developing better community markets
Maintaining common community memory
Maintaining common expectations
Wearing common symbolic clothing
Acknowledging common mores
Communicating common visions to younger generation
Maintaining attractive common space
Defining common standards for credit
Providing basic education
Organizing common group ventures
Enabling common markets
Enabling procedural alternatives in judicial process
Demonstrating appropriate common methods
Coordinating specific common efforts
Supporting common welfare
Identifying significant common space
Preserving propriety image of common law
Sharing common life experience
Developing bulk purchasing scheme
Preserving foundational necessity of common law
Creating corporate care events
Upholding common acceptance of conferred legal powers
Providing common public facilities
Enriching community global awareness
Enabling practical community planning
Creating common activity node
Adjusting methodologies for resource utilization
Creating common economic system
Organizing common skill groups
Developing resources
Teaching common monetary guidelines
Distributing common farm benefits
Creating common cooking centre
Fostering common community interchange
Determining common future directions
Procuring common sales outlets
Establishing resources for common defence
Challenging social reality
Initiating common baby care
Providing outdoor community facilities
Enabling common health methods
Constructing common farm buildings
Placing demand upon common production
Maintaining common style
Empowering unifying common symbols
Acting as individual nucleus of common ethic
Forging distinctive common style
Procuring common transport vehicles
Delivering necessary public utilities
Demanding constant re-evaluation of social integrity
Demanding common statement of social codes
Constructing public buildings
Strengthening cooperative security measures
Releasing common economic potential
Designating existing community space
Expanding common grazing herd
Establishing common fiscal mechanisms
Extending common recreational areas
Constructing common recreational facilities
Regulating common economic system
Introducing variations of using common resources
Exposing limitations of methods for resource utilization
Providing essential power to use material resources
Requiring diversified output of common resources
Demanding exploitation of common resources
Limiting consumption of common assets
Providing common resources
Projecting directions of common production
Updating methods of common production
Providing human energy for common production
Providing input material for common production
Stabilizing social organization through common voice
Summoning social skills for maintaining social integrity
Indicating need for political alliances
Demanding conformity to guidelines for common defence
Enabling common understanding of social rules
Releasing common creativity for corporate welfare
Maintaining common style for corporate welfare
Generating common cultural memory
Demanding social fabric
Upholding common expressions
Reminding of importance of common rites
Articulating common consensus
Designing common distribution
Establishing basic labour force
Establishing common defence
Obtaining common responsibility
Recognizing common law
Rehearsing common rites
Rehearsing common story
Permeating common mind
Ordering common citizenship
Ritualizing common life
Formalizing common participation
Discovering common situations
Clarifying common care areas
Creating community rituals
Studying common polity
Using common symbols
Publishing globally common newspaper
Reenacting common heritage
Providing common legal framework for all
Managing resources
Transmitting human wisdom
Introducing common economic customs
Portraying communitarian sense
Disseminating common heritage
Creating unifying symbols
Making sense
Using nonsense
Overriding rights to common property
Privatizing common land
Systematizing socialization
Enjoying absurdity
Developing common policy on regional aggression
Destroying sense of place
Preserving sense of place
Agreeing about international priorities
Holding land in common
Studying diseases of the sense organs
Commemorating historical events
Correcting disorders of sense organs
Disparaging common sense
Using common sense
Preserving common values
Sharing common farming costs
Reasoning with common sense
Developing sense of permanence
Improving sense of time
Improving access to information
Improving sense of personal identity
Improving arrangement of housing with respect to common land
Abstaining from common ethic
Abstaining from common international policy
Eschewing sense of community within developing countries
Preserving sense of time
Preserving sacredness
Preserving collective sense of order
Initiating common research
Servicing across common frontiers
Formulating common economic policy
Adopting common external tariff
Defending common interests of business
Supporting building research
Developing common energy market
Protecting common welfare
Formulating a common defence policy
Providing common services
Reforming common agricultural policy
Designing common juridical rules
Developing common cultural heritage
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values