Introducing common economic customs

Introducing common economic customs across the world. The effect is to initiate relevant global customs.
An integral part of reviving economic service in a global, broad-based economy in which every individual participates in responsible economic decision-making and new economic life-style.
Tactics include: inclusive time-designs to create the rhythm, pace and timeline for the use of a person or group's time throughout the day, week, quarter and year; problem-solving units to call together people who tackle problems head on, through setting aside a week-end to gather data, define problem, gestalt and refine data out of which a corporate decision can be made and thus acted upon; reform experiments to create the new corporate customs ensuring humanness; corporate planning to create a custom of corporate sharing and planning of the activities necessary for community life; and global practices to inject within the community those global customs which will become their own particular customs.
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D: Detailed strategies
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GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth