Creating unifying symbols

Creating unifying common symbols
Creating common unifying symbols
Developing deep and universally meaningful symbols. The catalytic effect is to move mankind toward global community.
An integral part of re-empowering sacred objects to provide appropriate corporate symbols of contingency and relatedness.
Tactics include: delimited mission to clarify and set the boundaries on the arena of symbols to be emphasized; visual analysis to examine and research the impact of visual symbols in order to intentionalize their creation and use; experienced commonality to bring the common experiences of a group to self-consciousness through the grounding of symbols; archetypal appeal to discover and utilize man's primordial drives and images to provide depth grounding to current symbols; and bombarded consciousness to constantly expose society to its symbols at every turn to inter-relate all arenas of life. An example is the United Nations as a living symbol of global community.
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Challenging social reality
Common sense
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D: Detailed strategies