Unifying currencies

Uniting currency systems
Achieving monetary union
Adopting a single currency
Since January 1999 it is possible to have a euro bank account and to use the euro to make payments by cheque and credit card and on the Internet. Euro notes and coins will be put into circulation from 1 January 2002. In each euro area country, national notes and coins will be allowed to remain in circulation until June 30 at the very latest. The bulk of cash transactions will be allowed to take place in euro already by mid-January. To help vulnerable groups of the population, such as the blind or elderly, limited quantities of euro coins will be available to the public, on request, from mid-December 2001. Banks and shops should also receive notes and coins beforehand, so that they can start using them in their transactions with their clients from the 1 January 2002. Of course the new euro notes and coins will not be legal tender before that date.
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