Reenacting common heritage

Holding heritage recovery activities
Dramatizing cultural heritage
Heightening man's sense of identity and value. The effect is to equip man to move into life with dignity and a sense of authentic possibility.
An integral part of remodelling celebrational life to give ultimate significance to the life of every individual.
Tactics include: community focus to bring the community together by directing it toward a consensed thrust; local stories to recover a group's real sense of identity out of the past; historic mythology to highlight a group's stories through effective dramatic forms; corporate interdependence to ground and enact a community's inter-relatedness; and particularized stories to recover for individuals, families and small groups the awareness of possibility, growing out of a strong sense of past and place. An example is the Canadian Eskimos recovering their story in sculpture which is highly admired and marketable. This means recovering a real sense of their value as world citizens.
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Valuing cultural heritage
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D: Detailed strategies
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