human value


Cultivating appreciation of cultural heritage
Conserving world heritage
Promoting study of industrial archaeology
Discussing cultural heritage issues
Conserving natural heritage
Conserving built heritage
Campaigning for the protection of national monuments
Researching culture heritage
Conserving religious heritage
Increasing public access to culture
Respecting cultural integrity of indigenous peoples and communities
Incorporating cultural heritage into daily life
Transmitting heritage of indigenous peoples
Facilitating emergency preservation of cultural heritage
Investing in heritage conservation
Listing heritage buildings
Preserving documentary heritage
Preserving cultural heritage
Recovering artistic heritage
Preserving common past heritage
Transmitting local cultural heritage
Publishing significant heritage tales
Displaying local community heritage
Awakening cultural heritage
Recovering regional heritage patterns
Designing ethnic heritage interchange
Conserving social heritage
Structuring heritage programme
Reenacting common heritage
Preserving historical and cultural treasures
Disseminating common heritage
Uncovering cultural heritage
Destroying cultural heritage
Devaluing cultural heritage
Valuing cultural heritage
Exploiting cultural heritage
Increasing awareness of past heritage
Providing sufficient access to cultural heritage
Abstaining from access to cultural heritage
Preserving heritage
Conserving cultural heritage
Enriching cultural heritage
Conserving cinematographic heritage
Preserving scientific heritage
Cultivating cultural heritage
Using architectural heritage
Preserving musical heritage
Developing common cultural heritage
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values