human value


Other Names:
Enhancing vocational training capacity
Conserving global marine biological diversity
Practicing silviculture
Practicing silviculture
Restoring damaged wetlands to productive condition
Including unpaid productive work in satellite national accounts
Identifying more productive strains of fast growing trees
Investing in women's productivity
Increasing productivity of marine living resources
Improving enterprise performance
Using counter-intuition
Increasing forest productivity
Identifying critical areas for agricultural productivity
Achieving cleaner production
Restoring sustainable productivity in severely desertified drylands
Rehabilitating agricultural lands for agricultural productivity
Assessing impact of environmental training programmes on productivity, health, safety and environment
Countering adverse impact of climate change on water resources
Creating productive employment relating to the environment
Adapting productive work to the needs of the person
Monitoring livestock productivity
Maximizing waste reuse
Using economic instruments to mitigate climate change
Maximizing productive plantation acreage
Enabling productive work scheme
Promoting more productive agriculture
Ensuring farm animal productivity
Expanding local artisans productivity
Improving access of rural poor to credit
Engaging available productive talent
Engaging available productive talent
Developing citizen economic productivity
Developing youth vocational skills
Utilizing scientific productive methods
Assuring full catch utilization
Implementing productive uses
Stimulating productive field management
Recognizing ownership of proprietary partnerships
Honouring business cooperatives
Coordinating supply of productive inputs
Upgrading local soil productivity
Increasing food crop productivity
Training for jobs
Planting productive fruit trees
Refining capabilities for natural resource productivity
Developing technologies
Transforming productive resources
Transforming productive resources
Activating productivity by system breakthroughs
Providing essential materials
Maintaining level of productive resources
Controlling distribution of productive means
Limiting property holdings
Opposing external threats
Developing comprehensive productive systems
Organizing comprehensive skills
Defining necessary skills
Coordinating productive means
Coordinating productive means
Re-directing productive forces
Creating counter-culture
Reducing amount of counter-revolutionary propaganda
Reducing productivity
Engaging in counter revolution
Improving agricultural productivity
Developing rural energy sources
Utilizing high productivity methods of agricultural management
Increasing productivity of aged
Increasing productivity of dependents
Increasing productivity of meeting time
Increasing productivity of technical aids
Increasing productivity of resources
Increasing productivity of resources
Increasing productivity of members of society
Increasing productivity of use of human resources
Increasing productivity of use of human resources
Increasing productivity of cattle and livestock
Increasing productivity of capitalist systems
Monitoring worker productivity
Controlling construction technology
Using construction technology
Engaging in counter-espionage
Hindering productivity
Improving grass-roots initiative
Increasing rate of productivity increase
Decreasing rate of productivity increase
Increasing efficiency of manual farming
Stabilizing economic and industrial production
Stabilizing agricultural and livestock production
Abstaining from productivity in farm animals
Limiting ownership of productive systems
Freeing up ownership of productive systems
Distributing productive capacity
Restricting productive capacity
Developing productive enterprises
Owning productive enterprises
Owning productive enterprises
Disseminating modern productivity knowledge techniques
Enhancing productivity
Developing privately owned productive enterprises
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values