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The agroforestry systems used in Mayombe and Lower Congo (Zaire) include: (1) the 'nkunku' system of the Bakongo people; this is a centuries-old practice among the Bakongo and has the dual objective of regeneration of the fertility of agricultural soils and producing foodstuffs; (2) the traditional 'mafufu' system among the Bakongo in forestry extension programmes of the Taungya type. (3) The silvo-banana system, a specific variation of the Taungya system. It is practiced on a large scale in Mayombe for establishing manmade stands of [Terminalia superba].

Traditional agroforestry in North Kordofan Province (Sudan), includes the cultivation of [Acacia senegal] for production of gum arabic, to maintain soil fertility, erosion control, and use as a fuelwood.

Biotechnology-based silviculture can in the near future be expected to underprice "extractive" forestry worldwide.
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