human value


Relating to nature
Creating peace corridors
Envisioning world federation of peace
Studying peace
Awarding peace prizes
Undertaking peace-enforcing
Engaging in peace dialogue
Developing integrated educational programmes for peace, human rights and democracy
Studying zones of peace
Declaring peace
Romanticizing peace
Defining transition from war to peace
Enforcing peace
Reaching nonviolence
Forming defence alliance
Being peaceful
Paying for peace
Establishing up to date rules for peacekeeping
Training peacekeeping troops
Appealing for peace
Developing art of peace
Delegating international security responsibilities
Praying for peace
Establishing peace tax fund
Negotiating for peace
Accepting defence pacts
Safeguarding citizens
Educating for peace
Identifying territorial organization as an obstacle to peace
Limiting peace
Creating peace offensives
Escaping from peace recession
Deepening understanding of peace
Threatening international peace and security
Upholding significance of peace
Creating meaningful peace
Monitoring violation of international peace
Attacking peace forces
Researching crimes against peace
Denying right to a people to live in peace
Calming disturbances of the peace
Disturbing the peace
Collapsing concept of peace
Improving peace research support
Ensuring just peace
Fostering peace through health
Globalizing peace
Promoting international peace
Achieving world peace through poetry
Promoting regional peace
Cooperating for peace
Restoring peace
Promoting contact among peace scholars
Establishing universal peace
Organizing peace weeks
Bearing witness in religion
Eliminating threats to peace
Type Classification:
C: Constructive values