human value


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Related Problems:
Offensive weapons
Amenity destruction
Desecration of cemeteries
Dependence on social welfare
Human destructiveness
Storm surges
Disparagement of youth
Tampering with physical evidence
Property damage
Self-destructive excuses
Death wish
Destruction of wilderness
Deforestation of mountainous regions
Killing of plants
Environmental degradation
Threatened coral reef ecosystems
Destructive performance art
Destructive fishing methods
Destructive verbal conflict
Tropical deforestation
Land degradation
Industrial destruction by war
Soil degradation
Destruction of land productivity
Economic isolationism
Lack of medical records
Destruction of the countryside
Anti-social behaviour
Loss of coastal lagoons
Threatened alluvial forests habitats
Environmental degradation of desert oases
Destruction of natural barriers
Natural environment degradation
Unsustainable livelihoods
Degradation of flora and fauna habitats
Destruction of human heritage
Destruction of wildlife habitats
Vulnerability of world genetic resources
Destruction of scientific records
War-time disruption of economies and production facilities
Threatened monuments and historic sites
Environmental degradation of suburbia
Endangered cultures
Destruction inherent in development
Destruction of archaeological sites
Destruction of wetland environments
Destruction of wetland environments
Ineffective dialogue
Destruction of hedges and hedgerow trees
Destruction of rural subsistence economy
Self-destructive government policy-making
Incendiary weapons of massive destructiveness
Natural environmental degradation from recreation and tourism
Destructive techniques for weather modification
Destruction of economic and social institutions
Inadequate control of weapons of mass destruction
Uncontrollable manufacture of destructive products
Destruction of civilian populations and institutions
Destruction of historic documents and public archives
Pesticide destruction of soil fauna and micro-organisms
Environmental impacts from mining
Threatened serpentine forest habitats
Destructive camping practices
Seizure of trade union property by public authorities
Records destruction by transnational enterprises
Destruction of pasture by donkeys
Destruction of surplus agricultural produce
Deliberate destruction of equipment
Destruction of palaeontological sites
Health risks of atmospheric destruction
Housing destruction by warfare
Degradation of the environment through the destruction of species
Cruel methods of destruction of stray dogs
Indiscriminate destruction of weeds
Terrorist attacks on cultural heritage
Destructive action of mould in tropical climates
Slaughter of diseased animals
Destructive psychological technologies
Destruction of crop pollinating species
Degradation of mountain environment by leisure activities
Destruction of cultural property during warfare
Vulnerability of ecosystem niches
Inevitable destruction of humanity by the natural environment
Loss of natural heritage
Destruction of sandy inlet habitat
Deterioration of human environment
Taxation deductions promoting unsustainable development
Threatened habitats of indigenous peoples
Widespread urban destruction
Herbicide poisoning in animals
Destructive wildlife
Inappropriate irrigation schemes
Destruction of environmental oxygen
Destruction of fisheries through dams
Destruction of private property
Threatened mangrove wetland habitats
Destruction of wildlife habitat by fire
Declining agricultural land
Destruction of agricultural land
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values