human value


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Related Problems:
Hazardous wastes
Unethical practices of government leaders
Irresponsible agricultural practices
Journalistic irresponsibility
Hazards from live animals
Irresponsible research
Dangerous countries
Crop vulnerability
Occupational hazards
Irresponsible industrial practices
Irresponsible business practices
Irresponsible employers
Dangerous substances
Irresponsible scientific and technological activity
Travel risks
Government incompetence
Dangerous occupations
Storm surges
Dangerous cargo handling
Unethical practices in psychotherapy
Irresponsible social scientists
Unethical practices in the leisure industry
Unethical catering practices
Ineffective dialogue
Unethical practices of health services
Unethical practices in manufacturing
Transport of dangerous goods
Road hazards
Unhealthy behaviour
Negligence in the transport industry
Unethical professional practices
Unethical practices relating to development
Hazardous siting of dwellings
Dangerous building construction
Water-related hazards and dangers
Irresponsible policy-making
Irresponsible physicists
Irresponsible physicists
Irresponsible radiologists
Unethical practices of engineering
Risk-aversion strategy
Offences involving danger to the person
Irresponsible practices in the food processing industry
Marine dumping of wastes
Illicit discharge of dangerous substances
Immoral public policy
River pollution
Uncertain toxicity thresholds
Industrial waste water pollutants
Domestic waste water pollutants
Economic dependence upon socially undesirable activities
Reckless driving
Dangers of using mobile telephones
Dangerous toys
Dependence on excitement and danger among young people
Unprotected physical access to dangerous locations
Destructive performance art
Unsafe port facility
Dangerous sporting activity
Failure to assist people in danger
Dangerous car parking
Dangerous materials in frontier areas
Toxic household insecticides
Discharge of dangerous substances into sewage systems
Storage of dangerous substances
Laboratory waste water pollutants
Irresponsible pharmaceutical practices
Dangerous foetal genetic testing
Inadequate motorcycle control
Dangerous diet pills
Venomous animals
Dangerous paths
Dangerous pet animals
Dangerous pet animals
Catastrophic expansion of the sun
Uncontrolled dogs
Trading in products containing toxic substances
Denial of danger
Inadequate labelling of dangerous substances
Hazardous construction materials
Dependence of government income on products dangerous to health
Reducing discharges of dangerous synthetic organic compounds to the marine environment
Harmonizing transport of dangerous goods
Eliminate discharges of dangerous organohalogen compounds to the marine environment
Providing leisure in danger zones
Improving cooperation to prevent illegal transboundary movements of dangerous products
Strengthening developing country capacities to prevent illegal traffic in dangerous products
Exchanging information on illegal transboundary movements of dangerous products
Developing conventions on transboundary movement of hazardous waste
Preaching religion
Adopting laws to prevent illegal import of dangerous products
Developing alert systems to detect illegal traffic in dangerous products
Making regional assessments of illegal traffic in dangerous products
Developing measures for safe production of dangerous materials
Developing safer alternatives to dangerous materials
Expanding knowledge resources on health implications of hazardous wastes
Countering denial of danger
Preventing illegal international traffic of toxic chemicals
Reducing offences involving danger to the person
Defining offences involving danger to the person
Reporting highway danger
Uncovering previously unknown crop dangers
Reducing amount of dangerous waste
Avoiding danger
Warning of dangers
Restraining dangerous animals
Restraining dangerous researchers
Avoiding dangerous behaviour
Classifying dangerous industries
Identifying dangerous businesses
Legislating dangerous workplaces
Classifying dangerous substances
Identifying dangerous technology
Alerting travellers of danger
Sanctioning dangerous governments
Classifying dangerous occupations
Anticipating dangerous sporting events
Avoiding dangerous forms of dialogue
Identifying dangerous health programmes
Identifying dangerous manufactured goods
Identifying highway dangers
Classifying dangerous transport practices
Identifying dangerous professional groups
Identifying hazards and dangers
Undertaking dangerous experiments
Seeking danger
Discharging dangerous substances at sea
Approving dangerous behaviour
Prosecuting dangerous behaviour
Classifying dangerous countries
Insuring occupational dangers
Isolating dangerous industries
Substituting for dangerous substances
Black-banning dangerous technology
Disempowering dangerous governments
Avoiding dangerous occupations
Receiving dangerous cargo
Classifying dangerous social research
Classifying dangerous food preparation
Identifying behaviour dangerous to health
Monitoring discharge of dangerous substances
Manufacturing destructive products
Prohibiting dumping of hazardous wastes
Protecting against hazardous travel
Dumping hazardous wastes
Protecting against water-related hazards and dangers
Protecting against occupational risks and hazards
Correcting professional misconduct by psychiatrists
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values