Countering denial of danger

When members of the public display behaviour that denies the presence of danger, local authorities are required to develop strategies which attract the public attention to the danger.
As a result of the 1985 volcano eruption which killed over 26,000 people in Colombia, despite sufficient warning being available, a group of scientists and volcanologists came up with a three-point plan. Point one was a video for public warning to be used when eruptions were iminient. Point two was a public information programme at the 15 major volcano sites internationally, where local officials, scientists and aid workers were trained in disaster preparedness for an eruption. Point three was for the improvement of volcano prediction efforts. In 1991 a rough cut of the film was rushed to the Philippines where Mount Pinatubo was threatening to erupt. The day after it was shown on television, 50,000 people evacuated voluntarily. A few days later the volcano erupted spewing 12 cubic kilometers of material over the surrounding area.
Denial of danger
Type Classification:
G: Very Specific strategies
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