human value


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Related Problems:
Gang warfare
Violent deaths
Youth violence
Urban crime
Civil violence
Human violence
Family violence
Sexual violence
Racial intimidation
Childhood aggression
Hazards from live animals
Personal physical insecurity
Violent revolution
Sectarian violence
Political violence
Intimidation of electors
Non-violent weapons
Unreported violence
Culture of violence
Structural violence
Temperature aggression
Police brutality
Unethical sporting practices
Acceptance of violence
Incitement to violence
Psychological aggression
Violence as a resource
Violence against women
Violence as entertainment
Passive resistance
Ethnic conflict
Socially disruptive effects of video games
Border incidents and violence
Habituation to unpleasant news
Biologically determined aggression
Violence along internal borders
Violent crime
Non-violent political revolution
Discrimination against the disabled
Violent repression of demonstrations
Unparliamentary behaviour
Abuse of native peoples
Maltreatment of civilians
Personal covert himsa
Violent sports fans
Violence in comic books
Aggressive animals
Violent picketing
Violent interactive toys
Violence in the work place
Violence against shopkeepers
Union monopoly and violence
Dangerous sporting activity
Intimidation in educational institutions
Complicity with structural injustice
Complicity with structural injustice
Armed robbery
Stress and trauma in a context of civil violence
Violence against prostitutes
Emotional crises
Neurological rage
Rural violence
Alcohol-related violence against women
Rape by military personnel
Video violence
Violent purgatives
Interpersonal violence
Violence on screen
Personal physical insecurity of women
Mountain waves
Physical maltreatment of children
Violent demonstrations
Psychotic violence
Violent death of young people
Dangerous pet animals
Alcohol-related violence
Violence against foreigners
Religious legitimation of violence
Terrorism targeted against tourists
Internet rape
Violent repression of trade union demonstrations
Indiscriminate violence
Subversion of the meaning of truth and violence
Eliminating violence against women
Resisting domestic violence
Employing domestic violence
Countering conventional understanding of war
Befriending violent parents in public
Increasing public awareness of the impact of violence in society
Assisting victims of sexual violence
Providing alternatives to violence
Reducing gun violence
Employing violence
Increasing impact of violent news
Reducing impact of violent news
Accepting violence
Engaging in violent revolution
Reducing violence
Reducing mob violence
Reducing incidence of violent deaths
Reducing youth violence
Reducing urban violence
Reducing civil violence
Reducing sexual violence
Reducing racist violence
Managing violent children
Managing violent conflict
Exploiting violent revolution
Reducing sectarian violence
Reducing political violence
Reducing electoral violence
Reporting violence
Managing culture of violence
Reducing structural violence
Managing hot weather violence
Reducing police force violence
Reducing violent play in sports
Reducing acceptance of violence
Reducing incitement to violence
Reducing violence as a resource
Reducing violence as entertainment
Reducing violence against minorities
Reducing incidence of violent computer games
Managing genetically determined violence
Reducing violence along internal borders
Managing criminal violence and disorders
Reducing violence against the handicapped
Protesting violent repression of demonstrations
Reducing violence in parliamentary assemblies
Reducing violence against indigenous minorities
Reducing state-supported violence against citizens
Managing psychological violence
Reducing incidence of war
Researching violent crime
Using border violence
Minimizing cross-border violence
Restraining dangerous animals
Causing violent deaths
Choosing violent death
Using structural violence
Making violent political threats
Correcting criminal violence
Portraying violence
Reducing fear of violence
Inciting violence
Resisting police intervention in meetings
Campaigning against violence
Investigating domestic violence
Resolving violent conflicts
Opposing violence to prisoners
Type Classification:
D: Destructive values