Neurological rage

Experimental visualization of narrower problems
Other Names:
Explosive anger
Violent rage
Overwhelming fury
Blind rage
Social fury
Social rage

Rage is anger that has lost its purpose and gone out of control. It has less direction and focus than pure anger, which can usually be expressed directly and easily. When anger cannot be cleared out, it seethes under a cold, numb often polite surface. Many people who feel constant rage lack the ability to recognize conflicts within themselves and express them to others. When expressed, rage and fury are experienced as undefined forms of aggression. Rage and fury typically lead to destructive behaviour.


Neurological impairment can result in a form of explosive rage which is distinct from ordinary anger. It is a sudden and unpredictable storm of overwhelming fury which may be triggered by a trivial event. It is often out of character, with the person subsequently embarrassed at the realization at having been out of control. The condition is fairly common, being a symptom of any disease that causes damage to brain cells. It has been estimated that a third of those with Alzheimer's disease exhibit uncontrollable rage, which provides one of the main reasons for which families feel they are unable to care for relatives so afflicted.

Broader Problems:
Emotional disorders
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