Human violence

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Other Names:
Human dependence on violence
Violent people

In its more limited sense, violence is an overt act of destruction, the exertion of physical force which harms another, or a type of behaviour that is designed to inflict personal injury to people or damage to property. In law, violence is understood by the adjectives appended to it: it is criminal, domestic, sexual, alcohol-fuelled etc..  When sanctioned by custom or tradition through the institutions of society it becomes institutionalized, even state sanctioned, especially in the most dramatic form as war. 

Human acts of violence may be defensive as well as offensive. When offensive they may be premeditated or not, and if not premeditated they may be provoked or unprovoked as in the case of so called senseless violence. Acts of violence may be perpetrated by individuals of any sex or age, or by groups in concerted and pre-planned acts, or spontaneously as in mob-violence. For some violence can be necessary or proportional, while for others, it is occasionally senseless, mostly brutal, never justified. A major non-physical form is structural violence.

In a broader sense, as denoted by the Jain term himsa, violence also includes other harmful acts which do not involve physical assault. These may encompass violent thought, hurtful speech, deceit, greed, and pride or any forms of violation of personhood when applied to humans. The concept can also apply in relation to other life forms. In these broader senses, any act, whether intentional or unintentional, which depersonalizes can be an act of himsa through its transformation of the person into a mere object or be used or manipulated. Hoarding resources may not be an act of violence in its narrow sense but as an act of himsa it is a form of violence in the broader sense. The Jains distinguish 432 types of himsa, some of which do not involve negative intent.


Society is most concerned about criminal violence to which it characteristically addresses more penal efforts than to anything else. To a lesser extent there is attention at national levels to juvenile violence, but here the efforts are usually seriously remedial. Civil violence statistics vary according to the presence of political confrontations, labour disputes, governmental repression of individual rights, unemployment and racial tensions.

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